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Luxury Care For Women

Villa Tranquil is a unique luxury care program that helps women between the ages of 18-65 continue their path in recovery from addiction and mental health conditions in Jupiter, Florida.

Following your treatment experience, Villa Tranquil will help you continue your process and lifestyle of addiction recovery. From the first day that you join the community at Villa Tranquil, you will be welcomed into a very comfortable home and experience the trust and safety that we have incorporated into every moment of your luxury care experience.

Begin Your Recovery Today

Villa Tranquil’s program was designed to focus on building a positive foundation for your recovery in the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere of Jupiter, Florida.

Our goal is to help you increase your feelings of worthiness, build on your positive self-concept, and learn to value how much you have to contribute.

Our women’s addiction and mental health treatment program is rooted in the 12-step recovery process, where you and your family will feel the support of the fellowship of the program. We value the importance of creating a community where respect and healthy relationships guide the culture.

Our Services / Offerings

The staff at Villa Tranquil believes in a climate of positive change and honors your values, attitudes and behaviors.

Our unique context and experienced Jupiter staff will provide you the tools you need to learn how to cope with stressful situations effectively, in a luxury care space.

Our home supports independence, trust and openness. We understand the importance of how a woman views herself, and we have developed an environment that helps women feel empowered, hopeful and capable. We are committed to a caring process where you can begin your healing in a structured environment.

Villa Tranquil is independently owned and operated by licensed clinicians in Jupiter, Florida.

About Villa Tranquil


“At Villa Tranquil I have found peace and serenity. The staff are wonderful and the therapy is excellent. This is a place that truly cares. This beautiful house and this amazing program has truly saved my life. I am forever grateful.”

“Villa Tranquil is more than a recovery house it is a home, serene and compassionate as they advertise. The team here at Villa Tranquil holds a safe space for us to move forward in our recovery. I am grateful for their professional guidance and especially their authentic care.”

“Villa Tranquil saved my life. I came here broken and alone and scared. I’m leaving with a newfound sense of freedom and a host of women in recovery that I can call friends. What a blessing that this place is here. The staff is AMAZING and it’s beautiful and peaceful."

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