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How Can I Avoid Self-Sabotaging?

When someone is in a negative state of mind, they often are sabotaging their lives in ways they didn’t even realize. We have the option to choose things that will help or hurt us. There are things we do every day that hurt our chances at recovery — we may not even realize it. Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you recognize when you are self-sabotaging. The goal is to help ourselves as much as possible. We’re here to help you do that. Here are things to avoid doing, in order to put an end to self-sabotaging. 

Avoid blame

The blame game is a dangerous game to play. Oftentimes, we put too much responsibility on ourselves. We hold ourselves accountable for things that are out of our control. We think every wrongdoing is that of our own. Try not to believe that everything should land on your shoulders. Today, lay down the burden of blame that you place upon yourself. 

Avoid guilt

Falling victim to guilt is not a positive thing. Believing you are in charge of all wrongdoing is not okay. Guilt is a negative emotion that can occur if you did something you feel is wrong or even as a result of your lack of action. Today, try not to let your guilt force you into actions you don’t want to do.  

Avoid shame

Feeling ashamed for your actions, or lack thereof, is a painful feeling to bear. You may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed if you think you have done something wrong. Shame doesn’t just come from other people; you can shame yourself. Today, try focusing on the positive reasons why you completed an action and avoid feeling ashamed. 

Avoid perfection

Believing that we have to be perfect at all times is unrealistic. This is an expectation we put on ourselves that we will never be able to fulfill. You are not broken just because you are not perfect. No one is perfect. You can be loved, despite your imperfections. Today, put an end to forcing feelings of perfection onto yourself.  

Villa Tranquil Recovery knows that the pressures women put on themselves are unrealistic. We also know that it is difficult to let your guard down and be okay with imperfection. Today, allow yourself to accept the love you deserve — you deserve love because you are perfectly imperfect. Call Villa Tranquil Recovery today to learn more about the programs we offer for substance use and dual diagnoses. Call now at 214-799-3080. We can’t wait to hear from you!