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2 Truths Every Woman Needs to Know for Her First Sober Thanksgiving

Going into your first holiday season newly sober is an adventure full of ups, downs, and in-betweens. Whether alcohol was your primary drug of choice or drug addiction was your primary problem, there are two critical truths you need to understand and be prepared for. With this precious knowledge, any disruptive thoughts, feelings, or ideas won’t throw you off guard.

Alcohol might make you uncomfortable

Depending on how long into your first year of sobriety you are, being around alcohol and people openly drinking alcohol might make you uncomfortable. Remember that alcoholism is something that lives in the brain, a chemical alteration of the way your brain is supposed to operate. Through years of alcohol abuse and chemical dependency, your brain has learned to crave alcohol, rely on alcohol, and desire alcohol in undesirable times, like your first sober thanksgiving. As a result of those electrical impulses, you could experience difficult feelings, which is just your body and your brain fighting: recovery vs. addiction. Keep in mind that feeling uncomfortable around alcohol just means you aren’t completely comfortable in your recovery yet, which is completely normal. When necessary, “play the tape” of what it would be like to take a drink and realize how far you’ve come in your recovery already.

Not being on drugs might be uncomfortable

Drugs typically aren’t laid out in a special section of the house for people to choose from liberally. Compared to a Chardonnay versus a Rum and soda, there usually isn’t an option for Cocaine or Marijuana. Drugs are a way that many people cope with uncomfortable family situations. What you experience during Thanksgiving is not new, you’ve always been uncomfortable, but turned to drugs to cope. As a result, your brain has been hard-wired to want drugs during those uncomfortable times. Alive, alert, awake, aware, and fully present you’ll have to confront some of the components that make you uncomfortable. Thankfully your therapeutic training and ongoing recovery, you can overcome these challenges. You might even realize that some of the things you used to take too seriously aren’t a serious threat at all.