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Women Abuse These 4 Drugs

These are four of the most common substances women abuse in their addictions.     Alcohol: Women are more likely to develop an alcohol problem than men are and at a more rapid rate as well. According to national scales, it takes less drinks for a woman to get drunk than it does for aRead More

Is It Possible To Be A High Functioning Alcoholic?

Women struggle with a phenomenon of mental health called “smiling depression”. Despite their emotional turmoil and deep pain, they are able to maintain appearances and meet the emotional demands of their life like an on-demand performance. When they are behind closed doors, they are able to fall apart and experience the full breadth of theirRead More

Will Transitional Care Complete My Recovery?

Transitional care is another step in the treatment and recovery process to help you gain the strength of mind, body, and spirit you need to live a serene and successful life in sobriety. Transitional living for women is an ideal choice when a woman finishes treatment and does not yet feel prepared to live fullyRead More

Social Media Slogans For Women’s Body Image Are Still A Problem

Social media has gained copious criticism for being the home to communities which promote negative body image to women. Women’s bodies are a central focus to the media. For example, when female celebrities walk a red carpet, they are asked about their outfits and beauty routines instead of their acting accomplishments or projects. The preoccupationRead More

Why Alcohol Appeals To Women

Liquor is often considered a symptom in alcoholism. Alcohol is not the problem for women who drink but the solution to why they are drinking. People commonly mistake the definition of alcoholism as being quantifiable. Alcoholism, they believe, is defined by how much a woman drinks as opposed to why a woman drinks. A womanRead More

When Women Cannot Speak Up About Their Emotional Experiences

In cooperation with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Women’s Health magazine conducted a groundbreaking study. Surveying more than 2,000 women, the team created data to uncover a growing mental health problem among women: smiling depression. Smiling depression is the depression that women keep under wraps.  Women who are struggling to regulate their emotions mayRead More

How Do I Disclose My Recovery To My Job As A Woman?

Women face a tremendous amount of discrimination in the workplace. When a woman enters recovery for a drug or alcohol addiction, it is easy to feel intimidated at the prospect of talking to a workplace about recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Know Your Rights In the last few years, the government has stepped upRead More

4 Ways Women Manage Their Recovery

Staying clean and sober from drugs and alcohol are only one part of the recovery process for women.   Diet and Exercise: Women experience women in mind and body. Recovery for women needs to be mind and body as well. Diet and exercise are beneficial for the body as well as the mind. Exercise isRead More

Symptoms Of Panic Attack Women Need To Understand

Panic attacks are passing experiences, typically lasting no longer than twenty minutes. Those twenty minutes can feel like a lifetime when you are not informed about a panic attack symptoms or what to do when one happens. Panic attacks can feel like realizing you are about to die. Many physical and psychological symptoms create anRead More

The 3 Top Qualities That Make A Strong, Authentic Sober Woman

Recovery is a chance for women to regain their strength and their authenticity.   A strong, authentic sober woman meets challenges as opportunities for internal growth: Women are less interested in external validation as they are for internal validation. Challenges which arise in day to day life of sobriety invigorate women to meet them withRead More