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Tips For Mindful Clothes Shopping In Early Recovery

Remember that your body is changing Addiction and alcoholism can change a woman’s body. As a result, once she gets sober and starts living in recovery, her body can also change with many fluctuations. Most treatment programs encourage healthy and nutritious diet in addition to regular exercise. Weight management, especially in women’s recovery, is frownedRead More

Drinking During Pregnancy is not a Good Idea

Substance abuse during pregnancy has a long list of potential health risks. Fetal alcohol syndrome can come to infants who have experienced an inundation of alcohol consumption. Birth defects, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders can be a risk. Neonatal abstinence syndrome comes to infants who have experienced exposure to drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, andRead More

The Stigma Of The Bad Mom

The 2016 comedy hit Bad Moms starring real life gal-pals Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell struck an unfortunate comparison among moms: the ‘perfect’ moms and the ‘bad moms’. Perfect moms are the moms who are well manicured, involved in everything and seem to have a handle on time that other moms pale to achieve. BadRead More

Feel Better About Sleep With These 3 Tips

#IWokeUpLikeThis has its moments. Some women wake up with a ray of sunshine, seeming to jump out of bed right into a perfected outfit, perfected makeup, and a perfectly organized day. Other women hit the snooze button, throw their alarm clock across the room, and grumble at the audacity of the alarm to keep encouragingRead More

Building New Female Friendships In Recovery

Gender-specific treatment programs that offer women the opportunity to recover together creates a special chance for forming lifelong friendships. What You Should Look For In Recovery Friendships: Confidence: Women in recovery are often struggling in their confidence. Building a friendship in recovery doesn’t require that your new friend strut in blasting “Confident” by Demi Lovato.Read More

Your Image Of You Is Going To Change In Recovery

How the world views women often dictates the way women view themselves. Though the hegemonic narratives regarding women largely remain the same, some areas of women-centered representation has transformed in curious ways. The New York Times recently reported on how the most paid for image for “woman” has changed on the Getty Images platform inRead More

When #MeToo Forgot About Retraumatization

Trigger warnings are controversial today. On the one hand, trigger warnings are celebrated as an act of informed empathy and proactive compassion for people who are working on restoring their mental health, recovery from which might be fragile. On the other hand, there is a condemning argument that people should have more resiliency and perseveranceRead More

Real Risks Females Face As Addicts And Alcoholics

What women are willing to endure for the sake of intoxication is a metaphor for what women are willing to endure for the sake of living. The threats of the addicted women are no different than those that face women on a daily basis simply because they are female. A women under the influence ofRead More