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Are You Still Apologizing For Being A Woman?

As women in recovery, we likely have a lot to apologize for. More accurately, we have many things for which we have to make amends. We learn through our work with 12-step philosophy, that there is a difference between an apology and an amends. An apology is a written or oral reasoning or justification. WeRead More

The Fallacy of a Perfect Woman

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “perfect” as “being entirely without fault or defect”, “satisfying all requirements”, and “corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept”. Most modern American women can read these definitions and think of a woman or two or three who fit this model. She’s practically perfect. There is one more definition of “perfect” accordingRead More

The Myths of Women and Addiction

For many years, the rates of female alcoholics and drug addicts has followed that of male alcoholics and addicts. When Alcoholics Anonymous was published, there were but one or two female members. The book was written by men for men with little mention of female alcoholics other than to say they are out there, andRead More

The Most Common Kinds of Mental Health Struggles of Women

Most women experience the development or peak of their mental health issues in their 20s and 30s. Mental health struggles are often a leading factor in developing a substance use disorder, which is one of the common struggles for women’s mental health during these ages. If you feel you are struggling with your mental health,Read More

Women Have a Tanning Salon Addiction

Addiction does not always include mind altering chemical substances like drugs and alcohol. Process addictions are the various addictions in which a woman becomes addicted to something other than a chemical substance. These addictions are more about the process of the focus itself, rather than the end result or the thing itself. Sex and gamblingRead More

Men vs. Women: Differences In Addiction

Addiction is addiction. All men and women who find themselves chemically addicted to drugs and alcohol share many commonalities. However, there are distinct differences in the way men and women experience addiction. Relapse Relapse can happen to anyone at anytime in recovery. Relapse is a common problem in addiction recovery but is not a requiredRead More

PCOS Influences Mental Health Conditions in Women

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that mostly affects women who are of age to bear a child. This hormonal disorder can create severe physical health risks like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Between seven and ten percent of women at the reproductive age are affected by PCOS. Other physical symptoms include,Read More

Carrying the Weight: Being a Woman in Recovery

“Other stories come second or third-hand, via friends who acted as confidants to the assaulted,” Tara Rose writes for Washington Post. Her article, titled, “Women are suffering under the weight of each other’s stories” talks about the profound experience of heartache women carry when they have experienced sexual assault. Women carry a magnitude of heartbreakingRead More

Women and the Opioid Epidemic

It is estimated that at least thirty-one women will lose their lives to opioid overdose every day. That is 217 women per week and just short of 900 women per month. Potentially, the opioid epidemic is claiming the lives of over 10,000 women per year. These numbers are astronomical. Research has found that women areRead More