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Your Stress-Busting Nutritional Guide For 2018

Stress- whether it is chronic, brief, or prolonged, uses up the body’s energy. When we experience stress, we experience it in our brain as well as our body. We feel stress everywhere, from head to toe, as well as feeling stress mentally or emotionally. Stress is created by stress hormones, which we produce inside ofRead More

Get Ready, Get Sweaty

We love a good sweat. We love being drenched in sweat when we are working out hard. Yet, we still become somewhat self-conscious when we are the sweatier person in our gym, our exercise class, or just taking the garbage out. Sweating is the body’s natural cooling system and detox system. Our ability to sweatRead More

When The Pressure Is On, Turn To Women

Men are stronger than women, biologically. Speculations have circulated that if women could surpass men in terms of biological and genetic strength, the world would be a completely different place. Men continue to be physically stronger than women, it is true. New research suggests that women might be more psychologically stronger than men, particularly whenRead More

Bring More Mindfulness And Meditation Into Your New Year

You need no more than 5 minutes of mindfulness and meditation to reap the innumerable rewards the practices provide. As you begin your new year, consider bringing more mindfulness and meditation into your everyday life to reduce stress, reduce inflammation, and enhance your well being mind, body, and spirit. Download An App Headspace is oneRead More

Endometriosis And Mental Health

Finally, the topic of women and endometriosis is becoming mainstream. For years, women have suffered a tremendous amount of pain, struggle, stress, and discomfort due to a difficult to diagnose, and difficult to treat condition: endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition of the womb, making it a medical issue exclusive to women. In endometriosis, tissue whichRead More

Letting Go: The Better Side Of Valentine’s Day

Here it comes again, a much loved and much hated “holiday” celebration: Valentine’s Day. What started as a celebration of Saint Valentine has evolved into a hyper commercialized day of idealized expressions of love, relationship, and appreciation. Full of stereotype and obscene expectations, when a Valentine’s Day doesn’t include receiving something in the form ofRead More