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How To Clean Out During Spring Cleaning

Minimalism and meticulous organization are all the rage in online trends today. Take a trip to trendy social media platform Pinterest and search for “organize”, “minimalism”, or even “spring cleaning” and be met with tens of thousands of solutions. Perhaps millions of “hacks” and ideas exist to reorganize the home, clean out old clutter, andRead More

How To Get Ready For Spring Cleaning

Spring peaks its head around the corner as February comes to a close. With the springtime comes the yearly opportunity to engage in “spring cleaning”. Women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction know the importance of ‘taking inventory’ and making room for the new by clearing out the old. Recovery is full of sayingsRead More

Am I An Alcoholic?

Many women have found themselves asking this question. If you are asking yourself “Am I an alcoholic?” Here are some other questions to consider your answer to.   Does Alcohol Fill Up Your Calendar? You may not have “drink”, “get drunk”, or “consume alcohol” actually written on your calendar- unless you do. You may haveRead More

What The Case Against Larry Nassar Teaches Us About The Case Against Women’s Pain

Trigger warning: This article discusses sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. If you are being sexually abused, have experienced sexual abuse, and need help, please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at: 1-800-656-4673 For more than 20 years, women launched reports of misconduct against Dr. Larry Nassar. Famous for being the team physician for the championRead More

How Many Cigarettes Per Day Is Too Many Cigarettes Per Day?

Until the 1920s-1930s, smoking was not ubiquitous with women being “cool”. In the early 19th Century, the social icon of the “cool” woman who might be rebellious, seductive, and desirable, was only coming to formation. A 1925 mass marketing campaign by Lucky Strike, a popular cigarette company, focused on drawing women to cigarettes, by ridingRead More

Does Alcohol Affect Women Differently Than Men?

The gender gap is rapidly closing between men and women in many different ways. One of the areas where women are catching up to men is an area of concern: alcohol consumption. Women are drinking as much, if not on occasion, more than men and that poses a serious problem for women. Simply put: womenRead More