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3 Ways To Celebrate The Spring

It’s March and spring is finally peeking its head out. There are many ways to celebrate the beautiful season as a woman. Here are some of our favorites   Indulge in flowers: Having plants in your home makes you happier. Few women stifle a subtle swoon with a beautifully arranged vase of flowers. Springtime isRead More

Mental Health Is A Struggle For Women After Giving Birth

Perinatal mood disorders are alarmingly common for women in America. One out of every seven women in America are affected by a mood disorder after pregnancy. For every four at-risk Moms living in poverty or under other extreme circumstances, at least one will struggle with a perinatal mood disorder. Pregnancy and childbirth is a challengeRead More

Taking A Cue From Spring As A Woman Of Sobriety

In Pagan traditions, Springtime is marked by a goddess named Ostara. A single artist’s rendition of Ostara by Johannes Gerts from the late 1800s depicts the goddess as a beautiful robust woman with flowing hair. Surrounding her is a rabbit, babies, and birds. Other depictions of Ostara show her with eggs, small animals, and flowers.Read More

Is AA The Only Effective Form Of Recovery Support Outside Of Treatment?

Judges order people to attend twelve step meetings. Over ninety-five percent of treatment centers are twelve-step based. Most treatment centers, sober livings, and transitional living homes require their residents to regularly attend the twelve step meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous is the founder of the twelve step method, which has been adopted by well known organizations likeRead More

Become More Body Positive: Part Two

Body positivity is a process. Here are three more effective tools for becoming more body positive in 2018. Use Positive Affirmations Every Day Affirmations and mantras are proven ways to change your mind about anything. Choose a series of statements which assert beliefs that you don’t currently have. Make a list and put it somewhereRead More

Become More Body Positive: Part One

Hating yourself is out and loving yourself is in. There is a growing body positive movement among women which is directly combatting the heavy critical narrative many women face about their body and body image. Billions of dollars are spent every year on convincing women they aren’t beautiful and that they should change the bodyRead More

Science Finally Validates Women All Around The World: Menstrual Cramps Are Painful

Women didn’t need to be told that the gut-wrenching, stomach-clenching, heating-pad-snuggling, reliable yet always shocking pain caused by their menstrual cycles are actually painful. “Periods” are shunned and shamed in mainstream society because they make people uncomfortable. No people could be more uncomfortable with a period than the women who get them and have toRead More

Why Women Get Sober: Part Two

Being the family member or friend of a woman who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can be a difficult position. Watching a woman actively choose to hurt herself, her livelihood, and those around her is painful. Drugs and alcohol skew a woman’s mind and can drag her through years of active addiction. UntilRead More