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Why Women Get Sober: Part One

Women find themselves at the doorstep of sobriety for many reasons. When a woman decides she is ready to seek treatment and get sober, she enters a wave of momentum which should not be stopped. Ask for help today. Reach out to recovery. It will always grab your hand. There were undeniable signs Some womenRead More

Are Women More Likely Than Men To Be Depressed?

Depression is not getting worse in the United States, new findings from the National Center for Health Statistics has found. Over the past decade, depression has not increased in the United States, though it is still a prevalent mental health disorder for milons. A secondary study found that there is one population of people whoRead More

What If Your Menstrual Cycle Could Determine Your Anxiety?

Anxiety is part of the human existence. Women can live with an anxiety disorder, have anxiety regularly, or experience anxiety as a result of their menstrual cycles. Some women go through such severe anxiety during their menstrual cycle, they become depressed, panicked, and can become suicidal. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the NationalRead More