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Checking in with Your Perspective

When your perspective is off, all sorts of negative messages can come streaming in from “the committee” in your head. The committee is made up of judges who can really give you a hard time. Let’s say you have a family wedding you want to attend. Your favorite cousin is getting married, and she livesRead More

People Pleasing Can Compromise Honesty

One of the principle foundations for lasting recovery is honesty. This doesn’t mean, you are being accused of telling lies, or that you are a bad person. A women can be untruthful because of an addiction and may not even be aware of it, like being in a constant state of denial. As with idiosyncraticRead More

Women Don’t Have to Keep Reliving Trauma in Therapy

During treatment for an addiction, women can discover many things about themselves, and information about how the disease affects their body, mind and spirit. Sometimes deep pain surfaces as the underlying force which has driven them to substance abuse. Too many women suffer from sexual, physical and emotional violence. After surviving a violent incident, orRead More

Dogs—The Ultimate Comfort in Mental Health

For decades, dogs have been trained to perform a variety of functions. Some help those with physical challenges, hearing and seeing loss. Dogs help find lost people in the woods or mountains, or buried in rubble from a natural disaster. They also bring comfort to those in institutions such as nursing homes and elderly day-careRead More

The Alarming Rise in Women’s Drinking

A recent study in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research Researchers looked at millions of emergency room visits nationally between 2006 and 2014. They showed that ER alcohol related visits were increasing significantly by women. For women alone, the total number of alcohol-related ER visits increased from 947,173 in 2006 to 1,609,320 in 2014.Read More

The Trouble with Loneliness

In a survey by Everyday Health 3,000, women between the ages of 25 and 65 filled out an online questionnaire. Asidefrom wellness factors in the State of Women’s Wellness 2017 Special Report, such as, personal values, resources, priorities and more, one piece of data, in particular, stood out. About one-third of the respondents across allRead More

Alcoholism Doesn’t Discriminate Based on a Woman’s Age

As many as two million women, aged 60 and older could be diagnosed as having an addiction to alcohol or having a problem with it. Problematically, older women aren’t readily diagnosed. That’s because out of all the demographic groups, these women seek help way less frequently. Five percent will never see an addiction specialist orRead More

Straight Talk about Pregnancy and Mood Disorders

Though women have been trying to establish their equality for over 100 years, misconceptions, misinformation and lack of care for our bodies hasn’t been fully addressed or taken seriously enough. One such area is that of a mother’s mental health. Mood disorders are the most common complication of pregnancy and birth according to Kate Rope,Read More

Calling a Girl Fat Can Cause Lasting Harm

The finding of a study by two researchers at the University of California Los Angeles and University of California Santa Barbara, showed the effect on girls who were called fat by teachers, family members or even friends. The study examined data on 2,036 girls participating in the long-term study. At age 14, the girls reportedRead More

Five Important Skills for Sober Living

1. Maintain a consistent support system When you consistently surround yourself with people who support you and your sobriety, you are likely to make healthy living choices. You can run ideas by recovery friends, your sponsor, and trusted family members. If situations in life become difficult, any number of those on your support system canRead More