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The Role of Water in Recovery

Sleepiness. Muscle soreness. Headache. Constipation. Dizziness. Dry mouth. What do all of these things have in common? The answer may shock you. They are all physical symptoms of dehydration. If you are in recovery, these symptoms may be altogether too familiar to you. Dehydration can have a significant effect on your recovery, both physically andRead More

Recovery and Forgiveness…A Mutual Relationship

One of the key ingredients to a recovery that lasts is forgiveness. It’s more than just accepting an apology, real or imagined, and it goes deep within your heart and soul. When you truly forgive someone, you let go of all resentment. This is not a natural step to take, and sometimes it takes longerRead More

The Role of Healthy Eating in Recovery

Healthy eating is vital for everyone. Our bodies can only function at optimal levels when they are given the nutrients and vitamins they need. Our bodies use these nutrients to conduct all the processes that provide us with sustained health and energy. When we deprive our bodies of what they need, performance suffers and medicalRead More