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Raising a Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Parenting is challenging. Parenting a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a challenge all its own. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a spectrum disorder and affects children differently. Parenting a child with FAS is best described as a journey. There are ups and downs along this journey and parts of the journey may feel unbearable.Read More

Sex Addiction from a Woman’s Perspective

Sex addiction is most commonly thought of as something that men deal with, not women. For women, sex addiction is quite taboo. However, experts say that there are nearly as many women dealing with sex addiction as men. The difference is that women don’t generally seek treatment for this and they aren’t as likely toRead More

Cutting and Self-Harm: The Inside Scoop

Many assume that individuals that participate in self-harm are suicidal. Experts say this is generally not the case. If someone dies or nearly dies from a self-inflicted injury of this nature, it is more than likely accidental, not intentional. There are other reasons people harm themselves. Self-harm is less about the actual injury and moreRead More

Common Barriers to Recovery for Women

Often women dealing with addiction want to seek help. They don’t want to be a victim anymore, and they want to turn their lives around. However, life is not always that easy. Seeking addiction help is a tough decision and requires an immense amount of commitment and dedication. For women, we have our own setRead More

Dealing with Judgement

Feeling like people are judging everything you do is a horrible feeling. Living a life where you are worried about those judgments and let them bring you down, is not living your life at all. Judgment is emotionally damaging and can have a significantly negative impact on your life. Don’t let the judgment of others,Read More

Reasons Women Dealing with Addiction Seek Treatment

Making the decision to seek help with an addiction is a huge commitment. Often one of the most challenging decisions to make, and to follow through on, women are making this decision for some very specific reasons. Indeed, it is a personal decision, and it is unique to the person dealing with that addiction; however,Read More

Planning an Intervention for a Loved One

The primary reason someone decides to plan an intervention is that they want to create change. That is the main goal of an intervention. When a family member is dealing with addiction, their loved ones feel as though nothing they have tried so far has been effective. Loved ones are looking for something more dramatic,Read More

Medication Management

One critical component of your recovery journey that is often overlooked is medication management. When someone has dealt with addiction in the past, it is even more crucial that they take extreme care when determining what types of medication are safe for them to take in recovery. Medication that is misunderstood or mistaken can haveRead More