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5 Common Recovery Myths

Everyone seems to have an opinion about everything these days. In our world of social media and advancing technology, information is readily available, but not always accurate. When it comes to understanding recovery, starting with credible information is the best way to begin. Below are five common myths about addiction recovery. 1. You will getRead More

Instant Gratification and Addiction

Many of us that are no stranger to addiction are also quite familiar with the strong desire for instant gratification. That impulse to have what you want right now, not a moment later, is part of what makes drugs and alcohol so appealing. Feeling anxious or depressed? A sip or a snort and in aRead More

Selecting the Right Therapist for You

Finding an addiction therapist doesn’t need to be overly complicated. There are two main ways to discover potential addiction therapists in your area. First, you can ask for a referral. You can speak with your primary care doctor, and they will likely offer you a few names of local professionals. This is a great placeRead More

Marijuana Use in Addiction Treatment

Marijuana has been a controversial topic in the media for quite some time, now. Discussions of legalizing the substance, using it for medical purposes, and the regulation of growth and distribution of marijuana are regular discussions in today’s news. However, recent studies have put marijuana in the spotlight for yet another reason. Experts say marijuanaRead More

5 Ways to Cut Cravings

Everyone has a weak moment when it comes to cravings. Acknowledging cravings is an integral part of a healthy recovery. Cravings are a completely natural part of the recovery process. Your body or your mind may crave a drink or a snort or any other type of addictive behavior. This doesn’t mean you are failingRead More

Technology Advances, and so does Addiction

It seems like technology changes daily. Smartphones get smarter, cars drive themselves, and you are no longer required to be there when the vacuum is doing its job. As technology continues to advance, it is not immune to the effects of addiction. One of the most recently declared addictions relates to the use and abuseRead More

The Link Between Addiction and Avoidance

There is a myriad of reasons that people encounter addiction problems. While some individuals may have a genetic predisposition to addiction, no one is entirely immune to addiction. It may not be a physical ailment like diabetes or cancer, but it can be just as deadly. The specifics of addiction vary among those inflicted, butRead More

Prevention Campaigns for our Youth – Do they Really Work?

All across the country, our youth participate in prevention campaigns in an effort to raise awareness about the harmful consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. With opioid addiction on the rise and the percentage of teen girls and women dealing with alcohol and illicit drug addiction increasing significantly, the effectiveness of such programs must beRead More

The Truth about Hepatitis C and Drug Use

Nausea, vomiting, yellowing eyes and skin, abdominal pain, and fatigue are all symptoms of Hepatitis C. These symptoms can be slight or nonexistent, or they can be severe and debilitating. Nearly 500,000 people die each year from Hepatitis C complications. While Hepatitis C comes from a virus (HCV), almost 70 percent of those that contractRead More

The Unmistakable Link Between Addiction and Poverty

The link between addiction and poverty is not only complicated but also multifaceted. It is also a reciprocal relationship, meaning it goes both ways. Research shows that those that suffer from poverty are more likely to experience issues with addiction, and the experts also say that those dealing with addiction are more likely to fallRead More