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Tips for Ringing in the New Year Sober

New Year’s Eve can be a difficult holiday in that the festivities often involve parties which may include alcohol, drugor other problematic activities for those of us in recovery. Especially if this is your first sober New Year’s, you may find some apprehension about the upcoming New Year. Here are some helpful tips to ensureRead More

Relapse: Your Questions Answered

There are many definitions of the term relapse, but one of particular interest refers to someone dealing with addiction. Relapse for those in recovery means to return to a bad condition or negative form of behavior. This really sums up its meaning, but there are still many unknowns when it comes to relapse. Below, pleaseRead More

How to Take your Recovery Out of the Box

Recovery is different for everyone. No two people dealing with addiction have the same set of unique needs. With the myriad of individuals struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism, treatment plans vary widely. The traditional means of dealing with addiction simply aren’t practical for everyone. That’s when it is time to get creative and thinkRead More

Making Yourself a Priority

One of the most difficult things for some people to do is to commit to themselves and make a commitment to taking care of themselves both physically and mentally. Recovery is a process, not something you check off of your To Do list. Because it is a process, it is essential that you make yourRead More

5 Ways to Curb Christmas Cravings

Christmas is a holiday of joy, gratitude, family, and friends. It is also a time of parties and festivities. Sometimes these events can create uncomfortable situations complete with triggers and cravings. Being in recovery shouldn’t mean you have to turn down the invites to social events and holiday get-togethers. Be prepared for the holidays withRead More

Sleep and Recovery

Its no secret that you will feel better after a good night’s sleep, but sleep can be elusive for many of us. For those dealing with addiction, the problem is likely even more complicated. Drugs and alcohol create a myriad of negative impacts on your body. Continued substance abuse or alcohol abuse can disturb yourRead More

The Benefits of Change

Change can be scary! This is something we all know and have all experienced at some point in our lives. It is completely and utterly normal and even expected that we fear change during the tough times in our lives. Consider though that all of the amazing times in your life were likely the productRead More

Help Others to Help Yourself

It may seem contrary, but sometimes the best way to help yourself when things are tough is to reach out to others that are experiencing hard times and offer them all the help you can. The benefits of volunteering are plentiful. Research shows that volunteering actually reduces stress. It can make you feel better aboutRead More

Dealing with Loss During the Holidays

Grief affects everyone differently. For someone dealing with addiction, handling the loss of a loved one can be an immensely complicated process. Remember, though, that time eases the pain, and you can do this. You are not alone. The holidays can create an intense increase in the impact of such a loss. If you orRead More

Feeling Stress During the Holidays? Check out these 5 Simple Steps to De-Stress

Increased spending, last-minute gift purchases, hectic social calendars, frantic festivity organization, and elaborate meal preparations often lead to increased stress levels around the holidays. Many of us in recovery thrive on routines, and when those routines are interrupted, we may become more vulnerable to cravings and emotional instability. Sometimes it seems no matter how hardRead More