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Addiction and Nature

There are so many strategies to help you deal with addiction. Recovery is fully customizable! You can create a life in recovery that maximizes your own personal desires and passions. The life in front of you is yours to design. How exciting is that? One strategy available to you involves spending time in nature. ResearchRead More

Expressive Arts Therapy – Is it for You?

One reason therapy is a necessary component of addiction recovery is the need to have a way in which you can express yourself in a positive manner. When in recovery, women need an avenue to prompt that expression that will build confidence, inspire, and rejuvenate both the mind and the body. One such means ofRead More

Legalized Marijuana – The Ins and Outs

Once highly controversial, now much more commonplace, the legalization of marijuana has seen a wide variety of unintended consequences. As planned, legalizing marijuana for recreational use has decreased arrests for those carrying small amounts of the drug or other related violations. Recreational use of marijuana is now far more regulated and the sale of theRead More

Are There Truly Gateway Drugs?

Many people believe there is nothing wrong with smoking cigarettes or having a few beers after a long day at work. Others feel smoking marijuana is harmless as it is entirely natural and has few if any, long-term effects. For some, taking a Vicodin with their glass of wine is not a concern as itRead More

Environmental Factors of Addiction

We may not know precisely what causes addiction, but we do know that the environment a person is exposed to effects their likelihood of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. Your environment affects your attitude, your beliefs, and who you are at the very core of your being. As an example, consider a child growingRead More

Psychological Factors of Addiction

There are many potential causes of addiction. The origins of addiction have been the focus of many studies over recent decades. While there are many theories about the causes, one thing remains true. There are psychological factors that affect a person’s likelihood to become a victim of addiction. Some psychological factors that influence addiction includeRead More

Biological Factors of Addiction

The exact cause of addiction can’t be narrowed down to just one aspect. There simply has not been enough conclusive research to say with any level of certainty that one particular thing, or a combination of things, causes addiction. That being said, there are a variety of models developed to help us understand addiction. OneRead More

Safe Injection Sites

Already found in several other countries, safe injection sites are not currently legal in the United States. There are at least 13 proposed safe injection sites throughout the US working through the appropriate channels to receive approval. A safe injection site is a designated location where individuals can go to find sterile needles that theyRead More

Is Addiction Always Progressive?

The simple answer is yes. Addiction is always growing. If it wasn’t growing, and it was stagnant, it would not be nearly as devastating as it indeed is on you and your loved ones. When someone is addicted to alcohol, for example, it quickly becomes a downward spiral. It may start as the inability toRead More