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How Many Times can I use a Drug before I am Addicted?

As you are likely already very much aware, everyone is different. The way our bodies react to substances varies from person to person. We also have both psychological reactions and physical reactions. For instance, your body may not have a strong chemical reaction to alcohol, so you may not form a chemical addiction quickly. However,Read More

Relapse and Overdose

It’s no secret that with recovery often comes relapse. Relapse doesn’t equal failure. It is generally a sign that whatever you are currently doing to support your recovery journey isn’t quite the right path for you. It may mean you need additional mentoring, a meeting to attend on a regular basis, or an opportunity toRead More

Did I Disappoint Them?

No matter what your age, for many of us, pleasing our parents is a seemingly unattainable, but persistent, unwavering goal. While a multitude of research has been done over the years about just what fuels this desire to please our parents, much of the reasoning is still unknown, likely an instinctual behavior buried deep inRead More