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Addiction and the LGBT Community

While members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transexual) community have always been a part of our society, their prominence and publicity have increased significantly over the last decade. Once a potentially tricky social issue, sexual orientation is nothing to be ashamed of and something an individual can be open and proud of withRead More

Can Women Prevent Addiction?

We all know addiction is a harsh reality and for many of us, prevention is no longer a possibility. For those that haven’t yet discovered how treacherous addiction can be, is there a way to prevent addiction from grasping onto yet another life? Is there some precaution that can be taken or some knowledge thatRead More

The Connection Between Legal Problems and Recovery

People dealing with addiction often have some things in common with one another. Whether it be the trauma in your past, the depression you endure, or the negative influences in your childhood, those of us that have struggled with drugs or alcohol often have similarities in how they ended up depending on these substances. ThatRead More

The Link Between Trauma and Addiction

There is a myriad of theories that discuss the potential causes of addiction. While there is no answer with absolute certainty, there is a definitive correlation between addiction and trauma. Does this mean trauma causes addiction? Not necessarily. What it does say, though, is that even though the nature of the relationship between trauma andRead More

The Deadliest Time for Mothers

There is one time in a woman’s life that is without a doubt potentially the deadliest time of their life. For those of us that opt to take the enormous leap of faith into motherhood, that tremulous time is the first year after giving birth to a child. While this is also an incredibly joyousRead More

Women and Ongoing Recovery Issues

Recovery is not a box we can check once it is completed. It is an ongoing journey, a healing process, and a period of growth within a person. As we move through our recovery journey, we will find we are most often not without our share of issues. This is not unusual! Don’t worry; you’reRead More

Dealing with Addiction as a Young Woman

Addiction effects women of all ages. There is no point at which women “grow out of” their addictions when they reach a certain age. There is no minimum age for addiction, either. Unfortunately, addiction can become a reality for women of all ages. Each age group deals with addiction differently and is affected by itRead More

Female Role Models In Recovery

It is vital that the importance of role models throughout recovery not be underestimated. Role models come in many different forms and are not always as evident as one might imagine. When in the beginning stages of recovery, you may find role models in unlikely places. You may find that the attendant at the localRead More

The Role of an Addiction Counselor for Women

Addiction is a serious issue that often requires professional assistance to treat effectively. A part of that treatment program most commonly includes a significant amount of time spent with an Addiction Counselor. Sometimes referred to as Substance Abuse Counselors, these professionals are well-trained in the best practices of treating many forms of addiction. Many criticalRead More

Barriers to Treatment for Women

The decision to get help when struggling with addiction is a huge commitment and can be intimidating. This is a difficult decision for most of us. However, as women, we often experience a unique set of challenges that serve as potential barriers to treatment. These challenges don’t commonly present themselves to men, making seeking andRead More