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Recovery Is a Choice

There are so many misconceptions regarding addiction and recovery in today’s society. These misconceptions usually come from someone who has little to no experience dealing with mental health or substance use issues. Don’t fall for myths from those who are not properly informed. Get your addiction and recovery information from our trustworthy team at VillaRead More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Dialectical Behavior Therapy

“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that treats problems and boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts,” according to Psychology Today. “CBT focuses on solutions, encouraging patients to challenge distorted cognitions and change destructive patterns of behavior.” The CBT employed in talk therapy uncovers the patterns of thought a patientRead More

Setting Boundaries During Your Recovery

Healthy boundaries are extremely necessary when you are beginning your recovery journey. You must be able to set a line that differentiates between what you deserve and what is harmful for your recovery. In doing so, you must learn to not feel bad when you must say no to someone. Your physical and emotional well-beingRead More

Why “Person-First” Language Is Important

Stigma is defined as “an attribute, behavior, or condition that is socially discrediting,” according to the Recovery Research Institute. It also is “know to decrease treatment seeking behaviors in individuals with substance use disorders.” Person-first language is defined as “a linguistic prescription structuring sentences to name the person first and the condition or disease fromRead More

How To Sell Mental Health Awareness To A Skeptic

There are skeptics in every aspect of life. For some reason, however, the mental health world seems to have a boatload of skeptics that love to try and prove that mental health is a farce. “What do we need mental health education for when mental illnesses aren’t real?” they ask. This not only contributes toRead More

Depression and Addiction: What No One Is Talking About

Depression and addiction are very real diseases that are often considered taboo and, thus, are not talked about as much as they should. There are also misinforming sources that spread myths about these diseases. When people talk about addiction, there is so much negative stigma attached to it. A large majority of the population believeRead More

How To Explain Mental Health To A 5-Year-Old

Mental health education has been somewhat of a controversial topic, but really, it shouldn’t be. From a young age, students are taught about physical education. Later on, during primary years, students are taught about sexual education. This education is all relative. The main goal is to teach students about themselves and how to take careRead More

What Not To Say To Someone Struggling

Those who love you often have good intentions. They want to help make things better, but sometimes what they say can end up hurting more than helping. Although their intention is not to hurt you, what they say and how they say it matters. This article is for family and friends —  don’t say theseRead More

Top 5 Phrases We Need to Retire

There are stigmatizing phrases everywhere we look. They’re at coffee shops and on t-shirts. It’s almost impossible to avoid them. However, you can think about the words you use and what they really mean. If you hear someone say one of these phrases, point out to them why what they’re saying is not okay. WhatRead More