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Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

Recovery Research Institute describes the recovery-oriented systems of care as “an organizing paradigm for addressing substance use disorders through a supportive network of individual and societal factors.” This is able to describe the many factors that both, directly and indirectly, impact recovery from a substance use disorder. Recovery Research Institute splits these factors up intoRead More

Recovery During Pregnancy

It is pretty common knowledge that substance use during a woman’s pregnancy can be dangerous for the developing fetus and for the mother. This, however, does not make stopping the use of drugs and/or alcohol any easier. For some women, guilt may be involved. It is already extremely difficult for someone to choose recovery fromRead More

Stages of Recovery

According to the Recovery Research Institute, there are five stages of recovery and change. There are different strategies, treatment, and recovery support services at each stage. Below are the five stages of recovery and change, according to the Recovery Research Institute.  Pre-contemplative  “In this stage, individuals are not even thinking about changing their behavior. TheyRead More

The 11 Indicators Of Quality Addiction Treatment

Recovery Research Institute outlines how to properly find addiction treatment programs that are worthy of your time. Villa Tranquil Recovery hits all 11 indicators of a quality addiction treatment center. We offer effective treatment that will jumpstart your recovery and keep you on the right path! Assessment and treatment matching (identify) Making sure you findRead More

Addiction And Trauma Go Hand In Hand

One major risk factor for developing an addiction is trauma. Self-medicating is common in order to squelch feelings of sadness, anxiety, and guilt. Recovery Research Institute says that “many of these types of symptoms are associated with the heightened stress and inability to regulate emotions after a traumatic experience.” When thinking about treating an individualRead More

Your Brain During Recovery

Neuroscience can tell us a lot about the brain during recovery. Recovery Research Institute (RRI) outlines three facts to help understand addiction and the brain. Chances in the brain are inevitable during substance use. Here are three key points to help understand the brain and addiction: 1. Some characteristics of addiction are similar to otherRead More

8 Types Of Self-Care

There are so many areas where self-care comes in handy. With everything that you do, you must keep your overall health and wellness in mind. If one of these areas is lacking, you will never be complete. Here are eight different types of self-care you can practice: Emotional How you’re feeling is important. How youRead More

Pathways To Recovery

Recovery is complex. Aside from being extremely difficult for the person recovering, there are many different ways that you can approach recovery. The Recovery Research Institute lists three pathways to recovery: clinical pathways, non-clinical pathways, and self-management pathways. Different pathways work for different individuals. It is important to keepC in mind all the ways thatRead More

Reducing Harm During Recovery

At Villa Tranquil Recovery, we are all about reducing the harm during your recovery journey with us. The Recovery Research Institute calls harm reduction “an approach that promotes health in a way that meets people where they are at, accepting that not everyone is ready or capable of stopping their substance use at a givenRead More

How To Cope With A Loved One’s Addiction

Everyone is impacted by addiction. It may not be your own, but a family member or friend’s addiction can take a toll on you. Aside from helping your loved one, you must also make sure to take care of yourself. This can be done by going to family therapy or even private therapy sessions forRead More