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How To Get Yourself Help

1 in 5 adults live with mental illness in the United States. Less than half (NAMI) of these people seek help and end up in treatment, however. We know that sometimes things can get in the way of treatment. We, however, do not want there to be unnecessary barriers to treatment, such as a lackRead More

Fight Together

Mental health and addiction stigma are alive and well in all areas of our life. Because of this, many people who have just been diagnosed are feeling embarrassed. If someone is scared to reach out for help because of stigma, they also might be feeling some shame. These people may hide their diagnosis or symptomsRead More

How Do I Talk To My Young Adult About Alcohol?

Young adults have their whole lives in front of them. They also are experiencing many changes in their lives. From going off to college, getting jobs, and crafting new relationships, young adults have a lot to deal with. They are also very impressionable. For some young adults, this new time away from home is theRead More

Dropping Out Of Therapy

Therapy is an emotional rollercoaster that can be a draining activity to participate in. Treatment can be difficult for the person actively participating in it, but also for their loved ones. This is to say that everyone is impacted by mental illness. It touches every person on this planet. Not everyone is receiving the helpRead More

Substance Use and Triggers

Triggers can be extremely difficult. They can put you back into a mindset where you don’t want to be. You may have been clean for a while and, once you are triggered, you might want to use again. These triggers can be situations that are emotional or even have a social or environmental component. TheRead More

Mindfulness Basics

Planet Mindful released an article titled, “Learning to live with yourself.” Front and center on the first page is a great reminder for their readers: “Mindfulness is not designed to take you away from the difficulties in your life, but to help you accommodate them more comfortably.”  For some, mindfulness can seem like a lofty thingRead More

Reducing Your Anxiety In One Week

Anxiety is a common thing that many people deal with. You don’t have to have an anxiety disorder to want to reduce your stress. Everyone can learn healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Nerves can act up seemingly out of nowhere. In Prevention Guide, authors Brenza and Rockwood offer tips to help reduce anxiety. ReadRead More

Facing Your Impulsivity

Dealing with impulsive behavior can be a difficult thing. Everyone has these moments, though. You eat that extra piece of cake because your sweet tooth tells you to, or you may buy something just for the heck of it. We all do these things occasionally. Occasionally is the keyword here. Some people, however, cannot controlRead More

What To Do When You’ve Said The Wrong Thing

There are so many things you can say that can be hurtful to someone dealing with a mental illness or addiction. It may seem like there’s more that could be said wrong that what’s right to say. There are words you should avoid so that you are not stigmatizing those that are struggling. What youRead More

Talking To A Loved One About Suicide

We know that suicide can be a scary topic to discuss. Oftentimes, people think that asking about suicide can “plant the seed.” This isn’t true. If you think someone is struggling, you must start the conversation. It’s vital to ask someone if they are struggling and thinking of hurting themselves. It may be scary, butRead More