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3 Actions to Take Immediately If You Are Struggling With Your Finances

Recently, we discussed the many ways that our financial behaviors can mirror our behaviors regarding our drinking and using. As women in recovery who are working toward a more authentic way of living, we are learning to take swift and immediate action in our lives. Our experience with the twelve steps teaches us that action is the only way. A chapter aptly titled “Into Action” in “The Big Book”, Alcoholics Anonymous, explains the “action” steps of the 12 steps. These steps help us take the momentum of admitting our problem and coming to believe there is a solution for that problem, then propel that momentum forward into actionable change.

Once we have admitted that we have a problem with our financial lives, we can develop a plan of action to stop our problematic behaviors and start acting in a way that works toward a solution instead.

First, stop spending unnecessarily

We might have had to learn the hard way that we wouldn’t be able to recover from drinking and using drugs while continue to drink and use drugs. Likewise, we cannot begin to help our financial situation if we continue to make our financial situation worse. Put a hold on your credit cards. Reduce the limit. Tell a friend about your struggles and ask for accountability. Set up calendar reminders to check your account and remind yourself of what you do or don’t have. However you come to stop spending unnecessarily, stop that action as immediately as possible.

Next, make an inventory of your finances

Just like in the fourth step, you will want to make an inventory of your finances. Start with your various accounts with which you have debt. Then, make a list of your monthly dues that have to be paid. For each account you do not have information on, call the company and find out what you owe.

Create a payment plan and make the payments automated

Make a financial amends with each account you are in debt with. Many debtors are willing to consolidate debt for a lump sum, create a lower interest rate, cancel your account, and make arrangements that help you pay off your debt. Find a monthly amount for each debt that makes sense for your income and your monthly dues. By making your payments automated, you won’t be able to skip out on making a payment in order to spend on something else.


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