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3 Harmful Stigmas About Female Addicts And Alcoholics

Stereotype, shame, and stigma, are common with addiction and alcoholism, but are the worst for women. Here are three harmful stigmas about female addicts and alcoholics.

Female addicts and alcoholics shouldn’t be mothers

Many, many women lose their children as a result of their drug and alcohol addiction. Women lose their ability to safely and responsibly care for their children. Some women abuse their children and put their children in danger. This is not the case for all women who become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Plenty of women who find sobriety and recovery are able to get their children back and live happy lives as a family.

Other women do not follow this path. Women care well for their children, show up as a parent, and participate fully in their children’s lives. Some mothers fall under the dangerous category of ‘high functioning’ for quite some time before they hit bottom in their addiction. Surely, there are many moments in their intoxicated states when they should not have been caring for their children. However, to say that women who have become addicted to drugs and alcohol shouldn’t be mothers is extremely harmful. Women can and do recover. Often, they become better mothers than they ever have been before.

Only females with problems become addicts or alcoholics

Mental health disorders are commonly co-occurring with substance use disorders. Women have mental health issues. Trauma is also common with substance use disorders. Women have trauma issues. Addiction doesn’t happen to people with problems. Addiction can happen to anyone, but tends to happen to people with certain predispositions. Women can be predisposed to addiction, just like men can be. Women who have a problem with substance abuse issues do most likely have other issues. Addiction is a problem to be solved. Thankfully, there are solutions for women and addiction.

Female addicts and alcoholics don’t deserve treatment

Treatment programs for men seem to be more wildly available than for women. Many coed programs exist, as do programs exclusively for men. Finding women’s sober livings, transitional living homes, or treatment programs can be hard to come by. Women deserve treatment and recovery as much as men do. As some statistics reveal, women are more in need of treatment than men. Unfortunately, because many women are wives and mothers, the stigma against them is damaging. Women are supposed to be home and caring for their children, the stereotype goes. Women should be able to take care of themselves, and their family. If women cannot take care of themselves and their family, they simply need to figure it out. Many women avoid treatment out of guilt and obligation. Putting their own needs behind the needs of their family is common for women. Sadly, this is one of the many reasons women are driven to drug and alcohol abuse.

If you are a woman struggling with alcoholism or addiction, you are not alone. You are not a failure. You are not undeserving of treatment. You can recover. With us, you will.

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