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3 Signs You’re Having Relationship Anxiety

We tend to doubt things as women, especially when it comes to our relationships. Our paranoia and anxiety might be due to adverse experiences we have had with our relationships in the past, insecurities about ourselves, our the experiences of others. However we come to feel uncertain in a relationship it is often the result of a critical inner voice telling us that everything is wrong with us and our partner is soon to notice.

Your needs are different and that makes you nervous

We have this crazy idea that our partners and ourselves have to have everything in sync, everything exactly the same as much as possible for them to be our “soul mate”. As your relationship progresses you might find that your needs are different than your partner’s needs. Maybe you need an hour of yoga every day and they need a hour and a half of running. Guaranteed, they aren’t spending that single hour and a half of their day thinking about how your relationship won’t work because you don’t run. Everyone has different needs, likes, interests, and preferences. The most successful relationships honor and celebrate their differences, make compromises where necessary, and give each person the time they need to meet their needs.

You have a different interest and you think you can’t get along anymore

One day, when you ask your partner to accompany you to your favorite kind of movie, they say that they aren’t in the mood because they don’t really like that kind of movie. You feel shocked, betrayed, and suddenly anxious. What if they have lied about something else? What if they don’t like you and aren’t in the mood to spend time with you? What if they hate the fact that you like these kinds of movies? Relationships often involve compromise and sacrifice. See it as a compliment that your partner is willing to do what you like to do. Make sure to return the favor.

You’ve been busy with work and you believe the relationship might be over

When you graduate a treatment program and begin your life in recovery, life can start moving fast. All of the gifts of recovery can come flooding in and you find yourself very busy. Relationships aren’t about spending every single second together. Relationships are a foundation to support two people living independent lives and having a shared life in between. Sometimes work can get in the way. When possible, make time to be together in a way that is special to you. Savor the moment and get back to work.


Learning to have and maintain healthy, happy relationships is part of the gift of recovery. Spending time in a transitional living facility after primary treatment gives you time to continue working on yourself while building a foundation of recovery in your life. Independently owned and operated by clinicians, Villa Tranquil Recovery gives women a unique opportunity to continue structured, clinical care while learning how to become an authentic, compassionate woman of sobriety. Call us today for information: 214-799-3080