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3 Tips for Creating a Meditation Space at Home

Meditation is a spiritual practice women need to create private quiet time for themselves. Meditation is also a scientifically proven practice, shown to benefit the brain and body by reducing stress. Gaining clarity of mind through focused deep breathing, women in recovery are able to collect their thoughts, quiet their thoughts, and find a grounded center for themselves.

  • Create boundaries around your quiet time: Boundaries for your time of peace, quiet, and meditation can be physical and verbal. Your family is working with you to learn how to support your recovery in the ways that are best for you and your sobriety. Meditation is part of that process. A physical boundary could be as simple as a closed door with a sign on it. Another physical boundary might include creating a designated meditation space. Choose a room or a corner of your home which is set up for your meditation. Meditation can be done anywhere at any time. As a beginning practitioner, it can be helpful to create a space which holds the energy of meditation. When you enter that space, your brain and your body know it is time to relax. Verbally, you can simply let your family know that you are taking your private quiet time and cannot be disturbed.
  • Download a mindfulness or meditation app:  Addiction and alcoholism are often called family “diseases” because the entire family is affected by a loved one’s substance abuse. When a woman in the family who has been struggling with substance abuse decides to recover, the entire family has an opportunity to heal. Recovery can be a family effort when everyone is willing to participate. Meditation can serve as one of the tools a family uses to come together in recovery. Apps like Headspace offer children’s meditation practices, for example.
  • Use mindfulness creatively: Mindfulness is a practice that can be applied in daily life, throughout the day. Offering the family mindful reminders can encourage that practice ongoing in a way that makes mindfulness rewarding. Once you announce time for meditation, your family members will have a more personal understanding of what that practice feels like, the benefits it provides, and the bonding it creates. You can ask for your private meditation time or invite the whole family to participate, which they might be more eager to do.

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