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3 Ways To Celebrate The Spring

It’s March and spring is finally peeking its head out. There are many ways to celebrate the beautiful season as a woman. Here are some of our favorites


  • Indulge in flowers: Having plants in your home makes you happier. Few women stifle a subtle swoon with a beautifully arranged vase of flowers. Springtime is full of beautiful varieties of flowers for you to enjoy. Tending to flowers can be a good lesson for life. Flowers in a vase don’t just stay alive. You have to monitor and nourish them, keep the vase full of water, and feed the flowers “plant food”. Watching flowers bloom, then wilter, is an important reminder of life, inviting us to stop and smell the roses. Want to learn how to make your own arrangements? Local gardens, flower fields, and greenhouses often offer spring time flower arranging classes as well as opportunities to participate in some gardening. Give back to your neighborhood by helping an urban farm or elementary school plant flowers.
  • Get crafty: One of the greatest ways to stay busy, focus your mind, and engage in creativity during your time in transitional living is crafting. You’ll be busy with groups and activities as well as what is required to rebuild your life. In between, however, there is down time that you will want to fill. Springtime offers a number of crafting opportunities from easter baskets to dying eggs, flowers and florals to making dresses. Pick your craft and hop to it.
  • Spring cleaning: Nothing sounds fun about spring cleaning until you’re done and realize how much better you feel. Give back to others through your spring cleaning by going through your clothes and belongings. Find organizations you can donate to which directly support other women. They’ll be grateful for your donations and you’ll be more inspired to clean house.


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