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4 More Reasons Why Not Getting Drunk Anymore Is Awesome

You’re less likely to break the law:

Even women of sobriety are prone to a few missed stop signs, neglected parking tickets, or even driving on a suspended license. Women of sobriety might break the law without knowing it. What women of sobriety are not doing is driving drunk, being intoxicated beyond legally accepted levels, and doing things under the influence of alcohol which are completely against the law. Not being drunk anymore means being present in your life and living along a greater moral code as well as purpose.

You keep yourself and others more safe:

By not doing things like drinking and driving, you are keeping yourself and others considerably more safe. Alcoholism in action is a danger to alcoholics and to everyone else who surrounds an alcoholic. Alcohol impairs the cognitive functions of the brain including judgment, perception, motor function, alertness, and more. Public intoxication is a crime for a reason. People who are drunk beyond their own functionality are a threat to others. According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, more than 10,000 people died in 2015 due to an alcohol-impaired driving drash. Drunk driving accidents accounted for nearly one third of all traffic deaths in the US in 2015, the organization reports.

You are saving brain cells:

Alcohol damages the brain and kills brain cells with every drunk. “Wet brain” syndrome, also called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is a condition in which the brain has become too “saturated” with alcohol to continue functioning normally.

You don’t live with regrets

Life is never lived without consequence, but life can be lived without regret of what you can’t remember doing due to being drunk. Sobriety empowers you to make coherent choices in your life. They won’t always be perfect. You never have to regret getting sober and living life in a brand new way.


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