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4 Reasons Why Not Getting Drunk Anymore Is Awesome

Outsiders to recovery find it hard to understand how women who have become alcoholic can miss drinking. Everything went awry in a woman’s life when she got drunk. Yet, no matter the destruction a drink caused her, she continued to go back to it. Finding reasons to be glad for not getting drunk anymore can take some time. Once the glory of recovery fully sets in, women can find plenty of reasons why not getting drunk anymore is awesome.


  • You remember your nights: Not all women will drink to the point that they can no longer remember their nights. Blackouts don’t happen to everyone. For many women alcoholics, blackouts are a new threshold in their alcoholism. To many, blackouts glare like a neon warning sign that a drinking problem has developed. Blackouts can be a target, an accomplishment, or a mission to other women alcoholics. Losing memories due to drinking can be dangerous. Being in a blackout means being out of control of your body, your decision making, and your environment. Many women find themselves injured, endangered, or worse when they get blackout drunk.
  • You can’t get caught with incriminating photos: For example, women may be photographed in compromising positions and situations, committing a crime, or doing something they don’t want to be photographed. In today’s digital world, the internet can leave a mighty and ruthless paper trail. Not getting drunk anymore means no more incriminating photos- for the most part. Sobriety has its wild moments, too.
  • You can’t blame things on being drunk: “I was drunk” was never really a solid argument, no matter how hard you tried the countless times you tried to use it. Drunk dialing no longer exists, nor does drunk texting. Learning how to be accountable and take responsibility for your choices every day is part of being a woman in sobriety. You can no longer blame your life actions on intoxication. Recovery is teaching you right from wrong and gaining a new set of ethical morals and values.  
  • You’re the sober one now: You remember them well. As a woman of sobriety, you probably remember jeering at them through squinted eyes and swaying swaggers. Those other women, sober, who weren’t drunk, looking at you, judging you- you thought the worst of them. Little did you know many of them might be sober and looking at you with a sadness and compassion, empathizing with your alcoholic struggle. Now, you’re the sober one. You can look on at women who are struggling with their alcoholism


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