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4 Struggles You Only Understand as a Woman New to Recovery

Recovery is a journey of mind, body, and spirit. As women in recovery, our experience is unique.


  • Falling asleep with your bed covered in books, pens, and pamphlets: You have a lot to read when you are new in recovery. If you are attending twelve step meetings, you have literature like The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous of which you are encouraged to read at least the first 164 pages. As you work the twelve steps with a sponsor, you might read the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions to go with it. Your group therapist has given you some packets to work through in order for you to more closely investigate some issues that have come up. Your personal therapist might have recommended you read a specific book to help you in another area. On top of that, you are reading daily meditation books and other inspiring materials to get you through. Recovery comes with homework that you are more than eager to complete because all of it is a part of saving your life. Many nights you fall asleep with your bed littered by books, pens, highlighters, packets, and notebooks. The struggle is real, but worth every single second.

  • Looking into your closet and knowing exactly what to wear: More often, women look into a closet full of clothes and feel at a loss to decide which clothes they want to wear. When you have already spent weeks or months in treatment with a limited amount of clothing, this is not a problem for you. You welcome having only the same things to wear over and over again. Life in early recovery is full of difficult choices. You’re thankful your clothing isn’t one of them.

  • Not being able to have a messy room: Being in treatment, transitional living, or sober living does not allow you to have a messy room. Your room starts to feel a little too chaotic when you let it get out of control. Besides, you likely have weekly and daily chores to keep you accountable to your space and keep your room spotless.

  • Being really, really tired: A nap never felt so good or so necessary as it does in early recovery. Your body is recuperating from years upon years of substance abuse. Even if you lived the healthiest lifestyle possible, your body is still exhausted from the hard work of maintaining chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol. You sleep whenever you can, for hours at a time, and all through the night.



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