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4 Ways Women Manage Their Recovery

Staying clean and sober from drugs and alcohol are only one part of the recovery process for women.


  • Diet and Exercise: Women experience women in mind and body. Recovery for women needs to be mind and body as well. Diet and exercise are beneficial for the body as well as the mind. Exercise is an evidence-based treatment practice, reducing symptoms of strength, boosting endorphins, and promoting the production of dopamine. Women need a fully developed diet which includes vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support their hormonal regulation, physical strength, and protect the body against common illnesses experienced by women. Diet and exercise also serve as practices for discipline in recovery. Staying sober every day is a choice, a practice, a habit, and a discipline. Women’s sobriety needs the support of daily rituals like diet and exercise to maintain that practice.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Meditation and mindfulness can be the same practice. Many activities throughout the day can be done in a meditative state and can be done mindfully. Both mindfulness and meditation include a focus on the breath, taking time to connect with  the inner self, and notice any tension in the body. Meditation and mindfulness are scientifically proven practices for recovery to help with maintaining sobriety. Proven to reduce stress, enhance focus, and increase skills for emotional regulation, mindfulness and meditation even rebuild the brain, creating new gray matter in the brain where new synapses can form to build new relationships.
  • Nesting and Snuggling: Creating a home environment that is warm and welcoming is an evolutionary skill inherent in women. Nesting is the process of setting up home and an environment. Snuggling in, finding a physical state of comfort, women are able to relax more deeply. Relaxation that is comfortable and safe is helpful for women to rejuvenate and feel better.
  • Spending Time in Nature: Nature is not every woman’s calling. For women who don’t like spending time in nature, the challenge of being out in nature can be inspiring and boost self-esteem. Women who do like to be in nature feel a deep spiritual connection to their natural surroundings and the call of adventure. Research has found that spending time near water, called blue space, and forests, called green space, is hugely beneficial for mental health. Any kind of natural environment can inspire a woman’s recovery, challenge her spirit, and broaden her experience of the world.



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