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5 Benefits of Gratitude

The journey of recovery is not for the faint of heart. Recovery requires emotional strength, mental courage, and a passionate devotion to sobriety. Anyone in recovery knows there are days when it feels like the world is against you and days where it just seems like it would be better to go back to bed and start over again. Even when faced with a day like this, there are always a multitude of reasons to be grateful. In fact, gratitude has been proven to provide a wide variety of benefits for the mind, body, and soul. These benefits are even more meaningful to women in recovery.

  1.    Remember that gratitude is not about what you have or what you don’t have, but instead, it’s an attitude of thankfulness for the gifts you’ve received. These gifts can be big or small and can be as simple as someone holding open a door for you or helping you carry your groceries. It can be the family you have or the friend that is always there for you. It may even be a beloved pet that is always waiting for you when you come home from work. No matter how big or how small, gratitude is all about a positive attitude.
  2.    Grateful people tend to have more friends. Gratitude attracts people because they are drawn to the positivity grateful people exude. Tough circumstances and bad days are easier to handle when surrounded by people that care about you.
  3.    Gratitude develops positivity and confidence over time. This new sense of faith and love of oneself provides the strength and assuredness needed to take chances and try new things. A grateful attitude will encourage new experiences.
  4.    Decreased stress levels are often linked to gratitude. Grateful people take challenges in stride and don’t worry about things they can’t control. This reduces stress and lends additional strength when needed to face obstacles throughout the journey of recovery.
  5.    Grateful people have far fewer conflicts with others. With an attitude of gratitude, you will stop expecting the worst from people, and you will see the good in others and their actions.

If you or someone you know has been struggling with the recovery journey or dealing with the heartache of addiction, please call 214-799-3080 and speak with someone that can help you find your reasons to be grateful.