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“5 Reminders For The Day” by Morgan Harper Nichols

  1. You do not have to sort through everything in your mind today in order to be okay, and take each moment breath by breath.
  2. You can still listen to music or read a book or have a look outside even with a crowded mind.
  3. You can still make something new that is honest and meaningful even if it is only ever seen by you.
  4. You are allowed to think and feel and dream today…even before things fall into place.
  5. You are going to be okay, and not because life is perfect but because of this glorious unmerited favor called grace. 

There are going to be days that you will feel overwhelmed, like everything is too much to deal with. You’ll get through it. You’ve gotten through every time you felt like this before, and you’ll get through it again. Not everything needs to be figured out right now. Take a moment to practice mindfulness. Focus on your breath, feel the ground beneath your feet, and focus on the now. 

Although your mind may be riddled with stresses and worries, you are allowed to step back and enjoy something you like to do. Whether this be reading a book, listening to music, watching your favorite television show, or going to a sporting event, you are allowed to have moments of enjoyment. You may be in a rough patch, but no one is expecting you to be miserable all the time. Allow yourself to take a break and enjoy the little things. 

Expressing your feelings through art is a good way to get your feelings out in a healthy way. Not everything you do must be for someone else. Allow yourself to make music, draw, paint, or write because you want to, not because others will see it. Expression is a positive way to cope. 

Accept that nothing will completely fall into place all at once. While this is true, you are still allowed to dream about the good things and what you would love to see happen in the future. Think about what you’re going through, but don’t dwell on it. There are good things coming. 

You are going to be okay. Life isn’t perfect — nothing is perfect. However, you can enjoy the little things and have hope that things are going to be okay. Whatever you believe in, trust that it will get you through. You are going to be okay.

We at Villa Tranquil Recovery want to remind you that although things may not be okay right now, you will get through the tough times. You will come out stronger. If you think you need an extra layer of support, we are here for you. Call us today at 214-799-3080.