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5 Ways to Curb Christmas Cravings

Christmas is a holiday of joy, gratitude, family, and friends. It is also a time of parties and festivities. Sometimes these events can create uncomfortable situations complete with triggers and cravings. Being in recovery shouldn’t mean you have to turn down the invites to social events and holiday get-togethers. Be prepared for the holidays with these simple tips to keep holiday cravings under control. Whether you crave food, alcohol, drugs, or anything else, these tips will help you cope.

  1. Journaling – Used in a myriad of disciplines, journaling has been known to provide clarity, relaxation, and improve confidence and self-esteem. The process of journaling can be a positive experience, and the insight gained through the process can be an essential reflection into your life and where you are within your recovery journey.
  2. Meditation – Mindfulness is a concept that has become very effective in recovery. Take a moment to meditate and check in with your body. How are you feeling in that moment? Think about specific body parts and consider everything from the rate of your breathing to the tapping of your foot. Awareness is an important ally in the war against cravings.
  3. Exercise – When you feel yourself weakening in the presence of cravings, if possible, go for a run or hit the gym. If you find yourself in a position where you can’t get away to work out, take a moment and knock out a few jumping jacks, do some push-ups, or jog in place. Get your heart rate elevated and increase the circulation throughout your body. Exercise releases endorphins that encourage relaxation and improve your mood. These positive feelings will keep cravings at a distance.
  4. Talk it Out – You are not alone! Call someone in your support system and tell them what you are thinking and feeling. Sometimes a few words of wisdom or even listening as they tell you a good joke can reinvigorate you and replenish your inner strength.
  5. Call Time Out – Studies show that a craving passes in just 15 minutes. When you confront a craving, remove yourself from the situation and just be. Plan to take a 15-minute “time out” from life and give yourself a chance to catch your breath. This improves your confidence, and by the end of your time out, you will likely find the craving has passed without incident.

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