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5 Ways to Cut Cravings

Everyone has a weak moment when it comes to cravings. Acknowledging cravings is an integral part of a healthy recovery. Cravings are a completely natural part of the recovery process. Your body or your mind may crave a drink or a snort or any other type of addictive behavior. This doesn’t mean you are failing in recovery. It doesn’t say you are weak. It says you are making progress and conditioning your body to be without the object of your addiction. Believe it or not, cravings are not always a bad thing. However, it is vital that you be prepared for cravings and have the skills you need to deny your cravings and take pride in every positive decision you make. Here are five easy tips for winning the fight against cravings.

1. Acknowledge the craving. Once you recognize that you are dealing with a craving, think about it and analyze it in detail. Acknowledge your anxiety, your racing heart, or your sweaty palms. Whatever it feels like, make sure you describe it in detail to yourself. This process will make it more tangible and less intimidating.
2. Eat healthily. It may come as a surprise, but a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and proteins will keep your body functioning correctly. Make sure you are getting plenty of water as well. Healthy eating habits also minimize cravings.
3. Exercise regularly. Create a routine that includes daily activity to ensure your body is prepared for potential cravings. If you are dealing with a particularly strong craving, try a few yoga poses or even going for a run. The combination of exercise and fresh air makes a significant impact on your body’s ability to fight cravings effectiveness.
4. Plan for your triggers. Take a moment and make a list of all of your triggers. Next, to each one, create an action plan. Those plans might be as simple as avoiding the trigger altogether. Or, they might be a detailed step-by-step account of how you will respond given a specific situation. Planning increases confidence and minimizes surprises.
5. Get involved. Find a hobby and get involved. Hobbies give you an avenue to build confidence and self-esteem. They give you an area in your life that can provide challenge and bring joy with a sense of accomplishment. Hobbies provide distractions, as well.

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