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Winter Is Coming: What Women Need to Know

Winter can come with some particular challenges for women. Here is what you need to know for entering the winter months in recovery.

  • Hydration is more important than summer: Summer heat can have you reaching for water and moisturizer, but it is the winter cold that should have you the most concerned for your inside and your outside. Drinking enough water is critical during the colder months for the same reason it is during the hotter months. Instead of your body fighting to keep cool, it is fighting to keep warm. You need just as much water to do so. The air is more thin, less humid, and more cold. Internal hydration helps with external hydration. In addition to deeply moisturizing creams and lotions, regular hydration will help.
  • Hygiene is very important in winter: Packing on winter layers has a good purpose in keeping you warm. Layering is a skill and a talent, one which does not always include knowing exactly how long is too long for wearing the same garments. Layers can mean sweating and not realizing it, then sitting in sweaty clothes all day. Hot showers can be a blessing in the winter- as can fresh laundry. Keeping your body clean and your clothing clean is essential for avoiding hygiene mishaps like thrush, infections, and other problems.
  • Eat your vitamins and nutrients: Shorter sunlight hours in the winter can result in a deficiency of natural vitamins and nutrients which come from sunshine. In states like Florida, where Villa Tranquil is located, sunshine has no shortage in the winter months. However, even a small adjustment can create complications in the production of melatonin, the naturally occurring hormone which helps to regulate sleep.
  • Maintain your immune system: As the temperature drops, the sun goes into hiding, and everyone’s immune system goes into chaos, winter can be a prime time for viral infections. Flus, coughs, colds, and other ailments can spread like wildfire during the winter months. Maintaining your immune system can include a few different things. First, take plenty of Vitamin C and eat foods rich in Vitamin C. Second, staying hydrated helps your body constantly flush toxins. Third, regular diet, exercise, and sleep keep your immune system healthy.


Stay sober, no matter what: Winter months come with winter holidays, which can be a trying time for any phase of sobriety. A phenomenon called “The Anniversary Effect” can bring up difficult memories of traumatic holidays past, or, if your sobriety date is during the winter months, can bring about memories of hitting your “bottom”. Thankfully, there are extended care options after treatment, marathon 12-step meetings during the holidays, and plenty of resources for support. The best way to make the most of winter is to stay sober, no matter what.


Your life is just beginning. After treatment, women have options for continuing their clinical care and growth in sobriety. Villa Tranquil offers a unique transitional living opportunity for women between the ages of 18-65. Independently owned and operated by clinicians, our program helps women expand their lives, heal relationships, and become compassionately authentic. For information on availability and programming, call us today: 214-799-3080