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8 Types Of Self-Care

There are so many areas where self-care comes in handy. With everything that you do, you must keep your overall health and wellness in mind. If one of these areas is lacking, you will never be complete. Here are eight different types of self-care you can practice:

  1. Emotional

How you’re feeling is important. How you treat yourself and others fall under how you are feeling. Showing your emotions properly and in a healthy manner counts as emotional self-care. Managing stress can also fall under the emotional category,

  1. Financial

How are you doing with saving money? What about creating and sticking to a budget? Financial self-care can also mean that you are paying your bills on-time and not spending money that you don’t have. 

  • Personal

Knowing who you are and being able to display your true self to the world is a part of personal self-care. Having something you like to do for yourself is also important. The true meaning of persona’ self-care is honoring your voice.

  • Physical

Make sure you are getting adequate exercise, enough sleep, and eating good foods. Allowing yourself to take a break after you have done a full day of self-care activities is also extremely important. 

  • Social

Are you making sure to not isolate yourself? Do you have good friendships and communicate effectively with friends and family? Also, make sure that you have healthy boundaries with your support systems. You should be able to ask for help when you need to.

  • Spatial

Spatial self-care can be about feeling safe in your physical environment, but also emotionally. Having an organized space to live and work in is also a part of self-care.  

  • Spiritual

Are you spending enough time alone? Do you have faith in a higher being? Or maybe you enjoy connecting with yourself on a deeper level. Whatever it is, allow yourself time to spend alone.

  • Work

Setting boundaries at work is a key part of self-care. You also will want to make sure you are doing something you like in a place you like. Managing your time is also important when it comes to self-care. 

Villa Tranquil Recovery aims to heal and connect your mind, body, and spirit. We cater to all areas of self-care. Our staff is experienced in helping you connect with yourself and your peers. We want to set you on the road to recovery. Call us today for more information at 214-799-3080.