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Our Mission Statement

To provide a safe, ethical, therapeutic, and caring environment for women to heal and attain a lifetime of Recovery.

Focus – while we focus on women who suffer from addiction as their primary issue we also realize that other issues may and can influence the alcoholic from getting better. We to the best of our ability with ethical, non judgmental, and supportive care will help the women get to their outside resources to help deal with these issues.

Duration – we believe that Addiction is a disease and it did not happen overnight so we in turn also want to support women in their recovery for a longer period of time in transitional living. While every person is different and grow differently we expect a 3 month minimum stay with one year being the longest a person can benefit from this supportive environment.

Environment – we are a high end transitional living home that focuses on women specifically for emotional, mental, and spiritual health. We focus on the community and the individual for balance and support. While the home is very nice with amenities, are primary goal is to have the best possible staff in the industry that are handpicked and trained to give world class support. Our four members of leadership team have over 65 years of experience in the Recovery Field.

Method – We primary use 12 Step Meetings, Community Meetings, 12 Step Immersion, Community Service, 12 Step Principles, and Working the 12 Steps with a Sponsor as our focus on healing from the Addiction. We are a true transitional living home that does not have treatment services intertwined with the program. We are a back to basics home that is not diluted by many of the things that are tainting our industry today. As a treatment provider sending us guests you also will not “lose” your client and we will help them get to their appointments for continued care.

Attitude – We believe that we are primary mission is to serve and help carry the message. The client is thought of as the “guest” and while we believe in a clean, organized, safe and updated home that it is secondary to the level of service we provide and high level of customer service that our guests are entitled to. While at the same time this also means that we do not want to hurt their growth and development of sober living skills by doing everything for them. We will assist them to gain these skills and not enable addictive behaviors.