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Our Facility

Villa Tranquil is 4,000-square-foot home, beautifully located in Jupiter Farms, Florida. Our family-style setting is situated in a serene, peaceful countryside that is conducive to healing and rehabilitation. This serene environment was designed purposefully to help support you on your continued journey.

Our staff is available 24/7 to help you practice how to think, act and live a lifestyle with healthy coping skills as you recover through counseling for addiction. We provide transportation to and from your therapeutic activities, meetings, recovery groups and spiritual events.

Our days include morning meditation and evening reflection, life skills training, vocational mentoring, yoga and gym memberships, and numerous activities throughout the community.

The recovery residence at Villa Tranquil is specifically designed to help women transition back into their daily living and develop lifelong sobriety. Whether you are returning to work, school, parenting or being of service in your community, we will help you build a realistic plan for creating a long-term, lasting foundation.

Through accountability, self-examination, and advancing through the stages of change, Villa Tranquil will counsel and guide you towards a sustained recovery from addiction, mental health and eating disorders that is both honorable and genuine.

We have a beautiful home in Jupiter. Check it out below.