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Our Process

Welcome to Villa Tranquil. We are honored to walk beside you in this step while you define your recovery. The Villa Tranquil team created a program to help your time with us be both practical and meaningful.

Accepting limitations, following rules, and allowing others to lead us are not necessarily in our natures. The program, including the rules, and more specifically the flow of the phases, was created to allow you to center, practice, and then carry forward the skills refined while you share space with us.

It is important that while you are with us you face the challenges of creating your personal structure to honor your life and recovery in a balanced way. In order to do this, the team at Villa Tranquil works to gradually increase your responsibilities over the time you are with us while honoring those successes with more and more autonomy.

The Villa Tranquil Process


Orientation is a time to center. A time to find grounding. Coming from treatment to a recovery residence is a massive affirmation of your sobriety. It may also be an overwhelming experience.

We created this phase of the program to simply allow you time to center, learn the area, and start contextualizing your recovery process with us. In this phase you will start living by the guidelines of the program, attend meetings, and find a sponsor.

The rest of life will fill in as you allow yourself to build a foundation for your recovery. We will be with you throughout each stage of this process. Feel free to ask us about any rule, any scheduling detail, any anything. Honesty is imperative, it is consistently using our voice to seek the truth, and questions are a critical piece of that. Your outer life will become congruent with your inner and you will reconnect with what your values are.

Here are the basics for Orientation:

Timeline: Typically 2-4 weeks.

Independence: During Orientation we ask that you spend any time not at the residence accompanied by a phase II, or higher, peer, and/or staff. We ask this to remind you to connect because so often we forgot to seek connection in the isolation of addiction. Our strength in recovery comes from the support we build around us. By learning new skills that require that we stretch, those that do not come naturally, we grow even more. Being around the peers that have made it beyond us, or the staff that is supporting us, allows the women at Villa Tranquil to have opportunities to be open about who they are in the moment. This is the beginning of true authenticity.

Twelve Step Involvement: The women at Villa Tranquil attend twelve-step meetings consistently throughout the week. During Orientation, women will attend meetings daily together.

We ask this to create the atmosphere where the women can find the meetings that most suit them, and attend them for a few weeks without the interruption of work, school, or other obligations.

Villa Tranquil Schedule: During Orientation we ask that women at Villa Tranquil attend all house meetings, groups, and participate in all household duties.

While this will change over time as you integrate work, school, or volunteer hours, during Orientation we want our residents to use all scheduled activities to find grounding in the community of the house, and to understand and practice the schedule.

Cell Phone: While you will have access to your cell phone, we ask that you follow the guidelines set by Villa Tranquil. The guidelines are simple, practical, and honor the balance that is critical for recovery.

Body: We believe healing happens in body, mind, and spirit. In looking at how we perhaps neglected, or overworked, our bodies, we need to begin the restorative process of engaging back into a healthy lifestyle. While in Orientation, women are encouraged to participate in some physical wellness activity. We will help you define this and work it into your scheduling.

Nutrition: We believe that developing a healthy meal plan is vital to a woman’s recovery from all types of addictive behavior. In orientation, we ask that you be mindful of your relationship with food. Be conscious of how you may have restricted or binged in the past. We will help you be thoughtful about healthy nutrition and help support you in this area. The Villa Tranquil team will support you with healthy nutrition throughout each phase of your stay with us.

Sponsor: This is perhaps the most crucial part of Orientation. In order to move beyond this phase, the women must find a sponsor in the twelve-step fellowship of their choosing. A sponsor is simply someone that guides us through the steps. Many times a sponsor becomes a friend, a mentor, a confessional, and an authority figure. In the end, a sponsor is a woman that will help you work the process of the steps. We ask that they have a minimum of one year sober, have a sponsor themselves, and be willing to support your programming at Villa Tranquil. Don’t worry, we will help you find women that meet this criteria. Look for someone you think you would respect, and take a risk.

Phase I

This phase of Villa Tranquil is about beginnings, reconnection, and cultivating a more accurate and gentle lens with which we see ourselves. Recovery is unique in that practical action towards bettering our lives. Addiction, as well as, other unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns have prevented you from having an abundant life in the past. Phase I is about mapping and starting to walk the path of those practical actions towards lifelong recovery.

Here are the basics for Phase I:

Timeline: Typically 2-4 weeks.

Independence: Residents at Villa Tranquil, when applicable, may return to the use of their vehicle on this phase. The vehicle use on this phase is limited to any appointment relative to work, volunteering, education, or meeting with sponsor. As it relates to twelve-step meetings, and group work outside of the residence, we ask that on Phase I, you continue to ride with staff, or residents on, or beyond, Phase II. The vehicle guidelines are meant to be gentle and supportive while still helping the residents avoid the temptation of isolation, and cultivate the meaningful relationships with other women in recovery that are so vital. When off grounds, Phase I residents are asked to be with staff, or residents on Phase II or higher. The essential healing of community is reinforced within these guidelines as we must learn to communicate effectively with flexibility and consideration.

Twelve Step Involvement: On Phase I, we ask that all women formally begin the work of the steps. Getting to know your sponsor begins with communication and rapport, quickly moving into step one process. We ask that before the conclusion of Phase I, each woman at Villa Tranquil complete step one with their sponsor. Time here is vital, we have intentionally not placed too many requirements on this phase, but rather allowed this phase to be a staging point for life, recovery, and developing relationships as a sober woman. Daily attendance of twelve step meetings continues on this phase.

Villa Tranquil Schedule: Phase I scheduling will mirror Orientation except for the work done to secure volunteer hours, work, or schooling schedules. If you plan to return to some form of work, this is the phase where that is defined. We will help you with your resume, and your language in order to help you honor the Villa Tranquil meeting schedule, keeping your recovery at the vanguard, but finding ways to embrace the world beyond the residence. The same can be said for school, or volunteering, but the goal of Phase I is to formally tie into some form of life beyond Villa Tranquil. We ask that you secure employment, volunteer opportunity, or academic placement in order to successfully complete this phase.

Don’t worry. We are realists. If you have interviewed, applied all over, signed up for classes, or volunteer opportunities, but don’t know the exact start date, you have satisfied the spirit of the Phase.

Cell Phone: While you will have access to your cell phone, we ask that you follow the guidelines set by the Villa Tranquil Staff. In Phase I, you no longer have to turn your cell phone in at night. This is your opportunity to use your technology in a healthy way. It can be intense having your technology 24 hours a day. We ask that you be mindful and set healthy limits for yourself. You may not know what those are especially when it comes to technology. Ask us we will guide you.

Body: We want to honor the reality that beyond the introspection of the steps, therapy, and community meetings, we must take care of our physical self. The Villa Tranquil staff will encourage you and provide you with opportunities for physical fitness that is meaningful to you. It is key to keep our wellness as part of our scheduling, and doing this while developing our sober supports, seeking outside life, and realigning our relationships, will be challenging. The staff will be there each step, sometimes gently encouraging, sometimes gently helping you set boundaries, and often just being close by for support.

Phase II

Phase two is about integration. At this point in a woman’s journey at Villa Tranquil, they are in the first few miles on the path to recovery. Mind, body, and spirit are being honored through community groups, therapy, physical wellness work, daily meditation, and twelve-step meetings. New relationships are being formed with the women in the house, sponsors, and hopefully damaged relationships are slowly starting to be mended. This stage of Villa Tranquil is simply about feeling the pace and weight of the lifestyle that you are building.

Here are the basics for Phase II:

Timeline: 1-2 months dependent on progress within phase goals.

Independence: Phase II marks a clear break from the insulation of the preceding phases. In this phase, you will be asked to embrace the role of an advocate for recovery for the women in the house. Because of all the work you have done up to this point, you can be the “oldcomer” for the newer women in the house. Vehicle use is opened up significantly at this phase, and you may freely use your car for twelve-step meetings, sponsor work, work/school/volunteering, and any other usage beyond that has been communicated to Villa Tranquil staff. At this phase, you will also have the ability to overnight passes. The passes are approved by staff and may occur every other week. While on a pass we expect that you will check in with staff, your sponsor, and one woman in the house. This practice is critical in creating safety for yourself and your recovery.

Building New Female Friendships In RecoveryTwelve-Step Involvement: At this stage in your progress, meetings have become familiar and consistent. The work with your sponsor will be moving along and during this phase, you will be asked to complete steps 2 and 3 with your sponsor. As your role at Villa Tranquil increases in accountability and example, so does this phase ask that of you within the twelve-step community. We ask that in order to complete this phase, you seek and volunteer for a commitment at one of the meetings you attend. Ideally, this commitment will be something you discuss with your sponsor and will take place at your home group. The staff will help you determine what kind of commitment would suit you best, and how to seek that position.

Villa Tranquil Schedule: During this phase you will begin the process of learning to balance work/volunteer/or school with twelve-step commitments and community commitments. In active addiction, we often thought we were doing so much, yet we never met our goals or found the satisfaction we craved. Balance is a practiced skill and is impossible when we are using alcohol or drugs. The staff, community meetings, groups, and therapy that occur during your time with Villa Tranquil are built to support the challenges of the integration of many areas. We will be with you, helping you challenge your boundaries, and develop a recovery lifestyle that is sustainable and will be easily mirrored once you leave the safety of the residence.

Body: Integrating our physical wellness with our recovery can be challenging. Be creative with your time to maintain whatever regimen suits you best while at the same remembering that self-care is crucial to your recovery. Find what works for you and honor that time for yourself as sacred. Whether it is yoga, walking on the beach, going to the gym, or something completing different let it be a time that you cherish for yourself.

Phase III

5 Ways To Keep Yourself On The Healthy Side Every DayIn recovery, we learn that the idea of a beginning is often the end of something else, and the end often a beginning of a new journey. We gave up substances and found recovery, and as we truly embrace recovery, we find that an old way of life ended. Phase 3 is all of those things. Women in phase 3 have given up the idea of running a life on self-will and in doing so found empowerment, independence, and freedom. By allowing themselves to be teachable in the community, they become leaders.

In this phase, you are an integral piece of the leadership of the house. You will be further down the path to balancing life, outside commitments, the house responsibilities, and all by keeping recovery as your primary purpose. Staff oversight diminishes considerable, and autonomy is the goal as you look from the safety of Villa Tranquil to the freedom in your next steps.

Timeline: Sixty-day minimum.

Independence: Independence is crucial on this phase. You will be writing a 4th step, which demands rigorous honesty that only you can provide. You will be a leader in the house, helping other women as they challenge themselves, holding peers accountable, and honoring your obligations with integrity. On this phase, you will provide staff with your schedule, then go about the business of getting it done. You have the option of weekly, overnight passes. Curfew is a baseline on this phase, if you need an extension, that is simply a conversation. This is the time of the program when you will be preparing for a life based on the conscience you strengthened at Villa Tranquil, and the independence increasing honors that.

Twelve-Step Involvement: During this phase, before you complete Villa Tranquil, you will complete steps 4 and 5 with a sponsor. If this is new language for you, don’t worry, step 5 organically follows step 4, and is essentially a reading of, or review of that step. In addition to the step work, you will continue with a minimum of 5 meetings per week, and honoring your commitment.

Villa Tranquil Schedule: At this point in your progress, the Villa Tranquil schedule will have become the obligations you work around versus your only obligations. We want to honor your new life and your progress, and while house meetings and responsibilities are ongoing, you will now have passes and more freedom.

Body: Physical health and wellbeing have become part of your weekly routine. We hope your schedule is reflective of your commitment to a mind, body, spirit recovery in your life going forward.

If you have gotten this far in your recovery, you are on your way to a life of freedom, self-knowledge, empowerment, and connection with others. We are grateful to be a part of this process with you!

~The Villa Tranquil Team