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Our Team

The team at Villa Tranquil is experienced, compassionate and genuine. We are grateful to say that our staff has more than 65 years of recovery themselves, and each member was handpicked to help guide you on your recovery journey. We will work together with your treatment team to help you follow through with your commitments to your continuing care plans, and we will support you and help you feel focused and confident. The staff at Villa Tranquil serves to create a safe, sacred space where you can learn how to deepen your recovery process.

Brent Bevelhymer – Co-Founder

Brent Bevelhymer, MS, LMHC, LPC, CAP, licensed mental health counselor and certified addiction professional, is the founder and CEO of Villa Tranquil. Brent has 20 years of experience working in the mental health field. He is a well-known mental health counselor, addictions expert and leader in the treatment industry. Brent specializes in the treatment of addictions, mood disorders and trauma. Throughout his career, Brent has been committed to empowering guests and helping them to create meaningful change. He has supervised, trained and consulted with various high-level professionals and programs in the treatment industry. Brent has served as an executive or upper management of several well-respected programs, including Caron Texas and Hanley Hazelden. He is held in high esteem by his peers and often called upon to assist in the development of new and growing programs. Brent is passionate about ethical and fair treatment of both guests and staff, and he has been an advocate for change within the mental health field. Over the course of his career, Brent has developed and nurtured his relationships with professionals nationwide. He values honesty, integrity and service to others. Brent is dedicated to the mission of Villa Tranquil and committed to each guest’s well-being.

Noelle Bevelhymer – Co-Founder

Noelle Bevelhymer, MS, LMHC, LPC, licensed mental health counselor, is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in mental health disorders and trauma. She provides a safe and supportive therapeutic environment for her guests to effectively address their needs. She co-founded Villa Tranquil with her husband, Brent Bevelhymer, in May of 2017. Noelle received an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Central Florida in 2005. She graduated with her master’s degree in mental health counseling from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2007. Noelle completed her graduate and postgraduate work as a mental health therapist at the Hanley Center from 2005 to 2013. She holds a dual license for both Florida and Texas. After several years of working with men and women, ranging from young adults to older guests, Noelle has found a growing need for a psychotherapist who specifically targets the challenges that many women face. Noelle specializes in women’s issues, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, body image issues, self‑esteem, relationship issues, codependency, loss and grief, and trauma.

Julia Bailey – Director, National Professional Relations

Dr. Timothy Anderson
Julia Bailey has been in the healthcare industry for over ten years and for five years in the field of eating disorders. Julia received her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in Business Administration. She has always wanted to be in a field where she can help and be a resource to others. Julia’s passion is driven by her own recovery from an eating disorder and wanting to share that others can experience this as well. Julia currently lives in Redondo Beach, Washington with her husband, four children and three fur children.

Becca McMenamin

Chef Becca brings her eclectic presence to our kitchen at Villa Tranquil. A woman in recovery, herself, of over 10 years saw her dreams come to life in becoming a chef as a result of her recovery from addiction. Chef Becca was mentored several years by a Cordon Bleu Institute graduate executive restaurant and private chef. She has since prepared meals for professional golfers, International dignitaries, and affluent clientele all throughout the Palm Beaches for the last 7 years. Becca is passionate about preparing meals that are not only healthy, beautifully presented, and delicious, but also organically and sustainably raised, locally sourced if possible, and the optimal choice for body, soul, and planet. Becca brings new flavors, perspectives, and her special flair to every meal at Villa Tranquil, along with her own passion for recovery. Becca enjoys Pilates and spin classes, spending time with her son, and significant other, at home in their “zoo” with their parrot, 3 dogs, and 2 cats, when she isn’t traveling the country to enjoy the music of her favorite band, Phish.

Victoria Estrada – Supervisor

Victoria Estrada
“I have been in the field of recovery for the past 6 years. I enjoy helping others and watching my clients grow. I am currently working on completing my CAC, Certified Addiction Counselor, training. I love the healing journey of the 12 steps and being apart of that process with my clients. During my time off I enjoy spending time with my three children. I believe this is where I belong and what I am meant to do. This is truly my passion.”