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Abusive Relationships…It isn’t Always Physical

Women tend to love others more than they love themselves at times. We can be selfless to the point of self-sabotage. We see the best in people, even when it is buried deep beneath a hurtful exterior. The passion and love women have to offer is precious and must be protected. Over 48 percent of women are reported to have been psychologically abused by an intimate partner in their lifetime. That is a scary statistic! When we think of an abusive relationship, generally the focus is on physical abuse. However, sometimes emotional abuse is just as dangerous. Psychological abuse tears a woman’s soul down and rips away their self-esteem and pride. With consistent abuse, the aggressor increases the chance of getting what he wants.  Just what is the goal of this emotional abuse? In over 90 percent of abuse cases, the man’s objective is complete control. They work towards this goal by using manipulation, ridicule, and intimidation.

A recent study surveyed nearly 3000 women and found that 94 percent of women report that they have experienced emotional abuse within their relationships. Experts say that almost all cases of emotional abuse escalate to some level of physical violence. This study also asked all participants why they stayed with the men in these abusive relationships. The number one answer was love, followed by financial support at a close second.  

What does this mean? It means that women love others more than they love themselves far too often. It means that women need to allow themselves to love themselves first. Take care of yourself. Make you the priority.

Another recent study shows that abusive relationships and addiction go hand in hand. In fact, a woman that is the victim of an abusive relationship is 15 percent more likely to turn to alcohol and nine percent more likely to turn to drugs to cope with the abuse. This means that as a woman in recovery, it is even more critical to strengthen your belief in yourself and confidence in your sobriety. When you understand your worth and your intrinsic value, you will not stand for being treated poorly. If you’ve experienced abusive relationships in the past, be sure to discuss them with a counselor or therapist. Make sure you have the support you need to stay true to your recovery journey.

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