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Activate Your Senses For A Sensational Meal

Sensual eating is a fun component when you are adopting a more intuitive or mindful eating lifestyle. Eating with your mindfulness directed toward your senses can enhance the enjoyment of your meal, which has significant benefit. Too often, you might rush through a meal and find yourself either overfill or unsatisfied. Sensual eating helps you make the most of every bite and morsel, making every meal the best meal.

What do I taste?

Mindfully turn your attention to your tongue and every corner of your mouth. Take a deep breath as you start to chew and try to notice the sensations of taste. Do you notice sweet or sour? Are you aware of any particular flavors that are strong? Tune into your mind’s mouth and see what comes up for you there. Are you tasting the food you are eating? Or is your mind wandering to food you have eaten in the past? See if you can become present with the food ou are eating in the here and now.

What do I smell?

Your sense of smell is your strongest sense, especially when it comes to memory. One single whiff can transport you to another place and time. Smell can elicit feelings and emotions. Start by waving your hand over your dish and breathing in any steam coming up or smell wafting from the plate. Are there smells coming from the kitchen? Become aware of how many different smells are around you. What do the smells remind you of? Do the smells make you feel cozy, relaxed, and nostalgic? Or do the smells excite you, and tempt you? Make note of what comes up for you then bring your attention back to the present moment.

How does this food feel?

Is your food hot or is it cold? Do the spices set your mouth on fire or does the sour taste give you that tingling sensation in your jaw? Is the food so sweet you pucker your lips or is it so savory it melts your muscles? How does the food feel in your mouth, on your tongue, and on your teeth? Can you feel the food going down into your stomach? Are you muscles tensed or relaxed?

Who do I have to thank for this meal?

You might not often take the time to think about the journey your meal has made. Each part of your meals have the hands of many different people on them, from farmers to factory workers to designers to packagers to delivery people to the clerk at the store. Even if you are growing your own food, you have a seed and it has taken a journey of growth. If someone prepared the meal for you, you can be grateful for their labor, the work they did to learn how to cook, and the lineage of chefs before them.

Mealtime is also a good time to practice gratitude for your life today. Minus the traditional guilt factor, the very realistic truth is that many, many people go days at a time or more without a substantial amount of food, or any food at all. Your life is a gift and a miracle.


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