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Daily Scheduling Assistance

As women, we are often the ones who are expected to be organized and to be the keepers of the schedule for our families. As you struggle with addiction, organization and schedules may fall by the wayside, and soon, the only direction for your day is dictated solely by your addiction. Once you enter a rehab program, your days are often scheduled for you, and include a variety of both required activities and activities you choose yourself.

When you complete a program, you may be at a loss as to how to go about your normal day without the constant pull of longtime habits or without the schedule you’ve become accustomed to in treatment. Whether you’re used to a full schedule or none at all, at Villa Tranquil you can begin to establish a schedule that will work for you. We offer scheduling assistance so that you can begin to re-learn how to create a day centered around you and what you need. Your day might include a morning walk and meditation, or an afternoon of art or horseback riding. We have a multitude of activities to choose from, and you can try them all as you search for the things that bring you peace and calm. You’re in the perfect environment to try new things on your journey to holistic health, and our caring staff is here to walk with you on the path to independence from addiction.