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Goal Setting

For most people, goal setting has been an almost unconscious part of their lives for as long as they can remember. Whether it’s earning money for a new toy as a child or working towards a certain job as an adult, goals can drive us to accomplish more than we thought we could. However, addiction can steal your goals from you and leave you feeling aimless and hopeless. Without a reason to keep moving forward, it is easy to remain stagnant in the grip of addiction, caught in the vicious circle that revolves around feeding your habit.

Psychologists say that when we set and pursue goals that are meaningful to us, we are happier people, and more satisfied with our lives. At Villa Tranquil, we understand this concept, and we work with you to help you grasp how to set realistic, effective goals. The best way to succeed in recovery (or any area) is to set actionable goals that you can measure as you go along. Baby steps will still get you to your destination, and taking those small steps on the way to your goal of recovery will encourage you to keep moving towards a life of total health.