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Addiction – A Choice or a Disease?

Regardless of how much research is done to prove the fact that addiction is indeed a disease, some continue to believe that it is a choice and that the people dealing with addiction are somehow to blame. Addiction is not a choice. The act of using drugs or abusing alcohol is a choice, however, becoming addicted to the substance is not a choice.

Studies show that a person can be genetically predisposed to addiction. In other words, how a person’s body reacts to drugs or alcohol varies depending on their genetic composition. Two people of similar stature and age can drink the same amount of liquor and experience completely different reactions. One may feel drowsy and end up falling asleep, while the other may lose their inhibitions and stay out all night. Some of this is based on their metabolism, their hormone balances, specific tolerance, and the genes that they inherited from their family members. All of these things combine to create a unique experience for the user. This reaction is entirely out of the user’s control. A successful recovery journey incorporates coping strategies and techniques to encourage you to take responsibility for the choices, but not to take on any blame for addiction.  

While it is true that addiction is a disease, it is also true that you are fully responsible for your actions and you must hold yourself accountable for your choices and your behavior. You can’t control the way your body reacts to the alcohol or the drugs, but it is your choice to take the hit or consume the alcohol. This is where the rubber meets the road. You are a powerful, strong, and intelligent person. You have all the qualities needed in order to live a life of sobriety. That is exciting! Have confidence in your ability to beat addiction because you can do it. You are better than drugs and alcohol.  

Addiction destroys more than just the lives of those addicted. Addiction can negatively impact the coworkers, friends, and family of those addicted. Don’t let addiction ruin any more of your life. Get the help you need now and call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction professional. Create a plan to guide you through your recovery and allow Villa Tranquil to provide the resources to execute your plan. You are strong enough to beat addiction. Call Villa Tranquil today.