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After Spring Cleaning, It’s Time To Spruce It Up

Spring cleaning is a fantastic way to welcome the changing of the seasons. Women of sobriety know better than anyone the importance of regularly taking stock, cleaning house, and creating a fresh slate. Spring cleaning is about more than clearing out clutter. Clearing out the old makes way for the new. Opening up the channels of your life is important for welcoming all of the good which is available. Women struggle to open themselves up to the best in life, particularly when they have lived with active addiction in their lives. Women are especially prone to receiving only what they think they are worthy of which is problematic because women are also prone to low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can manifest in clutter at the home and can also manifest after spring cleaning. Women may not feel like they are worthy of adding to their wardrobe after doing a thorough spring cleaning. Women who are in recovery from addiction tend to think in conditional black and white statements that way. If I cleaned out my closet, then I shouldn’t buy anything new. If I buy something new, I defeated the purpose of cleaning out my closet. Thankfully, there are economically friendly ways to keep a minimalist wardrobe while still taking advantage of the fresh feelings spring fashion has to offer. After all, women in recovery are learning the critical importance of balance.


  • Shop thrift stores and consignment stores: Adding to your wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank or feel like stolen earnings. If you donated any of your wardrobe or belongings to a consignment store, you might have credit available at that shop for your own purchases. Thrift stores can be full of hidden fashion finds waiting to be discovered. Find a perfect piece of vintage or a shocking major label for a very low price. Look for statement pieces and interesting conversation pieces you can make work with any of your staple pieces.
  • Keep an eye out for end of season sales: Going shopping for new clothes doesn’t have to break the bank either. You may be one or two seasons behind, but you can still get your hands on trends which will last by shopping end of season sales. Stores have to make room for the next season’s fashion when a new season starts. Spring can give you winter sales and sales on spring fashion early in the season.
  • Find staple pieces and statement pieces: Your wardrobe should reflect your recovery in balance, flexibility, and adaptability. Staple pieces are necessary to supplement your statement pieces. Find the pieces you can rely on all the time and change up however you want.
  • Go for accessories: There is a difference between a black tshirt with a string of pearls and a cardigan versus a black tshirt with a collar necklace and a cardigan. Accessories can change an entire outfit with just one item change. Budget for a few new accessory pieces which you feel comfortable wearing with different outfits.


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