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Aging Gracefully: 5 Ways to Embrace Change

Getting older is undeniable! It happens to the best of us. One minute we’re fixing our makeup to get ready for prom, and the next minute we wonder how we will ever get the strength to get out of bed another day. Where did the time go? Don’t worry, even those most put together women have these days, too. It’s what makes us human.

All is not lost, there are things you can do to make aging a more bearable process, even one that you look forward to, or at the very least, appreciate.


Take stock of the memories.


For every wrinkle, age spot, and achy joint, there are memories behind them. Remember the moments often, and enjoy them all over again. Sure, some of them were less than pleasant, so make it a challenge to find five good memories for every bad memory.


Laugh…a lot.


Find the funny in every situation. Sometimes it’s not easy to find it, but keep trying, and believe it is there. If you look for it long enough, you will find it.

Define beauty.


What is beauty? With so much outside pressure on women to conform to this ridiculously impossible standard of physical, external beauty how is a woman ever supposed to feel she is enough? It is time to stop worrying about what beauty is to other people and start creating your own definition. Is beauty the unwavering love a mother has for her kids? Is beauty the nights that same woman stays up all night worrying about her sick child in the next room? Is beauty the woman wrestling with addiction, fighting to be the best version of herself? Is beauty the woman that runs five miles every morning before work to keep her body strong and her mind fresh? Each woman must define her own beauty.


Exercise your brain.


As we age, our minds can take a beating. Memory loss, forgetfulness, and other mental challenges affect our brains. This can start earlier than one might think. Research has shown that exercising your brain can slow and even stop this process. Learn an instrument or a new language. Take up a new hobby or sport. Play word games and puzzles. Think of ways to stimulate your brain and keep your mind challenged. Some of these tips are especially effective for women in recovery as they open doors to meeting new people, finding new interests that are in line with your sobriety, and focusing on your strengths instead of your addiction.


Exercise your body.


This is certainly not news to any of us, but regular exercise is hugely beneficial in many ways. Exercise is known to boost your immune system which strengthens your entire body. It improves posture and reduces stiffness and soreness. It releases endorphins which improved your mood and release stress. In recovery, exercise plays a huge role. Strength training and weight lifting can prevent bone loss and potential injury. In short, it does a body good!

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