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Alcoholism Doesn’t Discriminate Based on a Woman’s Age

As many as two million women, aged 60 and older could be diagnosed as having an addiction to alcohol or having a problem with it. Problematically, older women aren’t readily diagnosed. That’s because out of all the demographic groups, these women seek help way less frequently. Five percent will never see an addiction specialist or check into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. So, you can understand the reality that older women are under the radar when it comes to alcoholism—the Hidden Epidemic.

Shame, denial and loneliness play roles in the hidden epidemic

Many older women take pride in their independence. They don’t want to be or feel like a burden to their family. Confessing to a problem is out of the question because they might feel too ashamed. After all, women their age are supposed to be good. Denial, like alcoholics of any age, blocks an older woman’s ability to recognize her problem with alcohol. Another reason for her drinking behavior stems from loneliness. To ameliorate the feelings of loss and isolation, a woman might say to herself at lunchtime,“I’ll just have a tiny glass of sherry with my pea soup.” This, however, can become a habit and then turn into an addiction.

Where is the help for older women who drink alcoholically?

Relatives, friends and caring neighbors of older women need to be cognisant of the signs and behaviors that might indicate a full-blown problem with their aunt, mother, neighbor or grandmother’s level of drinking. They also must be proactive when it comes to confrontation and getting help for them. Rehabilitation from alcoholism is possible for elderly women, and offers the chance, not only for a more positive future, but better health.

After primary care treatment program, women between the ages of 18-65 are welcome to join our community and sisterhood at Villa Tranquil Recovery home located in Jupiter Farms, Florida. Our holistic and multidisciplinary approach is focused on healing the whole person, invigorating your soul, refocusing on what makes you unique, and is grounded in a 12-Step philosophy. For information, call:  214-799-3080