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Alcoholism in the Military

The expectations of those in the Military can be extremely high, especially for women. With these high expectations come extreme levels of stress and in many cases anxiety. Given the sometimes-rigid schedules and demanding requirements, the Military has experienced a significant increase in the number of substance abuse problems seen on an annual basis. While most military members don’t have access to illegal drugs, the abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs has been growing exponentially. Women make up a proportionate amount of those affected by addiction in the Military.

Often in an attempt to manage their own extreme emotions or deal with incredible stresses and traumatic events, military personnel may opt to self-medicate with alcohol. To get away from their current situation, they look to binge drinking to forget, even momentarily, some of the horrors they have witnessed. Alcohol becomes a coping mechanism which nearly always turns into a habit as well.

The priority for the military personnel dealing with alcoholism is to recognize that they have a problem. Once they get to this stage, they can seek the treatment they need. The Military has programs in place to treat alcoholism, but those programs aren’t without a severe dose of negative stigma on the participants, especially those on active duty. The Military provides these services as they see the need to help personnel deal with alcoholism as a major priority. However, many soldiers opt not to seek treatment until they leave the service.

Upon returning home, many soldiers become acutely aware that their drinking is not a long-term solution. For many military spouses, the alcoholism is both shocking and disturbing as it is often a side of their loved ones that they have not seen before. Civilian life is an extreme adjustment from combat, and often professional assistance is necessary to treat alcoholism in this stage. After completing a primary treatment, some individuals need more support through their transition back to their home. Villa Tranquil offers a serene environment in which to ease through this transition. Providing a wide variety of educational services that aim to teach recovery skills that ensure the longevity of your recovery, Villa Tranquil protects your sobriety as you begin your recovery journey.

Villa Tranquil welcomes women ages 18 to 65 to join a community that makes your recovery a priority. Please call 214-799-3080 to take another critical step towards becoming your best version of you.