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Alcohol’s Greatest Myths

If you have been relying on alcohol for an extended period of time, you probably have fallen into the trap of some of alcohol’s greatest myths. There are many of them, but Villa Tranquil will go over some of the biggest ones today. We can help you debunk these myths and let go of the alcohol habits you have. You don’t have to be controlled by this substance anymore. 

Alcohol Helps Me Loosen Up

Alcohol helps me loosen up: this is one of alcohol’s greatest myths. Whether you consider yourself a shy person or someone that needs a little push to be relaxed, you may have reached for a drink or two to help loosen you up. With this myth comes a few others, such as the thought that alcohol helps you become smarter or funnier. But, what if we told you that this isn’t true? Alcohol helps to dull your senses, leaving you with a foggy brain. This definitely doesn’t make you smarter or funnier. In fact, you may find yourself in awkward situations that you wouldn’t have been in in the first place if you didn’t drink to excess. If you’re struggling with accepting your shyness, don’t assume that alcohol can give you the answers you’re looking for. Becoming comfortable in your own skin is something you’ll learn in your recovery. You don’t need alcohol to loosen you up.

Alcohol Helps Me De-Stress

Alcohol helps me de-stress: this is one of alcohol’s greatest myths. Many people try to unwind after a long and exhausting day with a few drinks. You may think that those couples drinks will help to calm your nerves, but you’re actually making things worse. You can try to avoid the feelings of stress and anxiety, but they will come up later in ways you didn’t imagine. Not only does alcohol not help you de-stress, but it can even make your stress worse when it begins to impact your sleep and work life. This will leave you feeling increased amounts of stress and anxiety that could have been avoided if you didn’t try to drown your stress in those drinks. You don’t need alcohol to help you de-stress.

Alcohol Brings Me Happiness

Alcohol brings me happiness: this is one of alcohol’s greatest myths. If you have tried to fill yourself with liquid happiness, you aren’t alone. Many people tend to believe that alcohol can replace those negative feelings with happier ones. While alcohol definitely doesn’t bring you happiness, it can make those empty feelings even worse. If you begin to abuse alcohol, you can be left much worse off than when you started drinking. You may think that alcohol can help bring you a few moments of happiness, but in the long run, alcohol only brings pain. You don’t need alcohol to bring you happiness.


Villa Tranquil can help you uncover why you believe these myths about alcohol. Call us today at 214-799-3080. We want to help you get over your addiction. Call now, you won’t be disappointed.